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Bay leaf – the real “king” of spices in the kitchen. There is hardly a person who is not familiar with its specific taste and aroma. For its amazing properties and ability to impart exquisite flavor to any dish “Bay leaf” and loved by chefs around the world.

At the same time, few people thought that the Bay leaf – medicinal plant present, which from time immemorial was used for the treatment of various diseases. Surprised? In this article you will find a variety of popular recipes with this plant. But first let’s talk about its medicinal composition.

If you look at the chemical composition of Bay leaf, was surprised to note that this aromatic green is something to brag about in terms of content of nutrients. Take a look for yourself: “Bay leaf” is a source of vitamins A, C, B and PP, contains selenium and manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus, potassium, calcium, copper and many other minerals.

In addition, the Laurel leaf contains tannins and dietary fiber, organic acids and essential oils. And the oil of Laurel is rich in aromatic components such as linalool and cineole, camphor and lemon.

Looking at this composition, is it any wonder that Bay leaf has a most beneficial effect on the body? Here is a list of useful properties of this wonderful plant, which will show the entire value:

  • is a powerful antiseptic, which perfectly disinfects the body;
  • is famous for its expectorant action to help relieve cough;
  • it has anti-bacterial effect on the skin and mucous membranes;
  • enhances immunity and has a tonic properties;
  • supplies the body with vitamins preventing vitamin deficiency;
  • eliminates pain in joints and muscles, relieves spasms and tremors of the extremities;
  • cleanses the body, removing blood toxins, toxins and salts of heavy metals;
  • dilates blood vessels, has antihypertensive effect;
  • has astringent properties and, therefore, has a hemostatic and healing effect on the body;
  • is famous for its diuretic effect and prevents the appearance of edema;
  • makes digestion and relieves problems with the chair;
  • improves appetite and enhances mood;
  • builds a dream and acts as a sedative;
  • has antitumor effects on the body, and thus helps prevent cancer.

With all the benefits of this extremely useful spice, to use it you not all. For example, doctors do not recommend the “Bay leaf” in diseases such as:

  • pathology of the gastrointestinal tract (chronic gastritis, ulcer of the stomach or duodenum 12);
  • extensive liver damage and kidney failure;
  • pancreatitis and acute cholecystitis;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • disorders of protein metabolism;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • chronic constipation (if this condition is not recommended to apply infusion with the Bay leaf);
  • the bleeding tendency (because of Lavr thins the blood);
  • the period of breast-feeding a baby;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of Bay leaf (the plant is a powerful allergen);
  • the abuse of alcohol.

Now, let’s talk about how Laurel can help our body.

To relax, to calm down, relieve stress and put in order nerves, it is enough to ignite a Bay leaf in the room for 15-20 minutes to inhale his scent. Due to the presence of essential oils, Bay leaf essential provides a relaxing and calming effect without causing drowsiness than the “famous” most anti-anxiety medication.

“Lavrushka” has an amazing property to eliminate pathogenic mucus from the lungs with a wet cough. To do this you must inhale the aroma of burning leaves (as in the recipe above). By the way, the beneficial effects of this fragrance helps people with chronic bronchitis and asthma. This category of persons benefit from regular rubbing of the chest Laurel oil.

For people with poor digestibility of food each meal becomes a real challenge. In response to entering the body products develops dyspepsia and flatulence, suffers from stomach cramps and broken chair. To deal with this condition can be medications, but whether or not “poison” to your body, if in the kitchen you can always find a Bay leaf? Adding to your foods like this product, you’ll soon notice the beneficial effect of enhancing the production of digestive enzymes. Pain and bloating are gone, and the chair will return to normal.

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The leaves of a Bay tree is rich in extremely useful compound coffee acid, which is able to clean the walls of blood vessels from the buildup of cholesterol and strengthen blood vessels, preventing the loss of tone. Due to such amazing features of “Lavrushka”, you can protect yourself from hypertension and atherosclerosis. No wonder the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, where it actively grows the Laurel, known for low mortality from cardiovascular disease. To help your heart and strengthen blood vessels, at least once a day, eat the meals which used a Bay leaf.

Research by Dutch scientists suggests that Laurel has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which are similar in action to morphine (though not as pronounced). If you have sore joints due to arthritis or osteoarthritis, just apply on the painful area Laurel oil and literally after 15-20 minutes the pain subsides. Especially useful is the means for persons with chronic pain in the joints. This means they can replace non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

In case of urinary tract infections you should not immediately grab the antibiotics. Traditional medicine offers lots of recipes, able to cope with the resulting problem. One of them involves the use of a sheet of Laurel. Just add a glass of milk 1 tsp of ground powder “Lavrushka”, stir and drink in one go. Consume this remedy 3x a day, and within a few days the infection will leave your body.

In the case of kidney disease grind Bay leaves in a coffee grinder, and then 1 tsp of raw materials, pour 2 cups of water and boil on strong fire of 10 minutes. Giving the remedy to stand for two hours, you can take it 2x/day for 1 tbsp.

To get rid of psoriasis appeared, take 10 leaves of this wonderful shrub, load the thermos top and pour 500 ml boiling water. Closing the thermos, leave it to infuse for two hours, after what can take an infusion 3x a day before each meal half a Cup.

To cope with such a nuisance, such as barley, pour a glass of boiling water with three Bay leaves and allow the mixture to cool a little, and take it as tea while warm. Gulls drink this every hour, brewing new leaves of Laurel. During the day you should drink 7-8 cups of the drink. In this case, the next night the barley ripens and disappears completely.

According to recent studies scientists Bay leaf can reduce the level of glucose in the blood (due to the herbal substances), and therefore, with the help of infusion of Bay leaves can be combated with diabetes. To do this, take 10 Laurel leaves and pour them with 3 cups of warm boiled water. Bringing the tool to a boil, immediately remove it from the heat and allow to infuse for three to four hours. This infusion should take 0.5 cups (100 ml), 3P/day for weeks. Repeated courses of treatment should be agreed with your doctor. It is also useful to add a “Bay leaf” in their meals and enjoying their fragrance at the same time to obtain health benefits.

To cope with sinusitis, take 10 Laurel leaves and pour it over the raw material on 1 l of water. Boil the mixture for 5 minutes, then remove from heat and breathe in hot vapors, throwing a towel on the head. Perform the procedure twice a day and you will notice how after each inhalation of the sinuses will come out pus.

A toothache? Not a problem! Just grind in a coffee grinder leaf of Laurel, and then 2 teaspoons of powder pour a glass of water. Bring the mixture to a boil and keep on heat for another 5 minutes. The resulting broth cool slightly and unable to wash their mouth every 15 minutes until, until the pain subsides.

Bay leaf copes with the bites of horseflies, horseflies, bees and wasps. It is only necessary to take a fresh Bay greens, chew it and put the bite bandage. An hour later, the problem will cease to bother you.

With the development of stomatitis some doctors suggest to use “grandma’s” recipe, namely, morning and evening to chew on a leaf of Laurel. Truth for this purpose is only raw “Lavrushka”.

To clear your head from dandruff and to prevent its subsequent appearance, combine oil, Bay tree with the same number of warm jojoba oil. Applying the mixture to the scalp, wrap it with a towel and hold for 40-60 minutes. In addition, you can add a piece of Bay oil to your favorite shampoo, and just a couple of weeks the dandruff will not be over.

Purulent inflammation in the ear should be treated under the strict control of doctors, because the infection can easily reach the meninges. However, if the doctor to deal with this problem by using the following recipe. Take 10 Laurel leaves, pour 200 ml of hot water and insist in a thermos for 5 hours. Cooled broth can be instilled into the affected ear 2-3 drops 3 R/day or applying compresses with this tool.

If you have problems with fungus on the feet, take 10 leaves of Laurel, put them in a tray on top and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Let the water cool slightly, and then put in the tub legs, and hold for about 20 minutes. Carry out these treatments 3-4 times a week and after 15 days the fungus will completely disappear.

Bay leaf is a wonderful spice that has the potential of this medicinal herb. Use the given recipes for the benefit of their health, because they are in no way inferior to expensive and has side effects drugs.
Health to you!