How to quickly relieve an attack of dry cough at home

A dry cough is not a disease but a symptom for a number of other diseases, most often the respiratory tract

If the attacks of dry cough accompanied by other worrying symptoms, you must consult a doctor for examination

Useful video — How to remove cough in a child:

Medication prescribed by a doctor after examination and determine the cause of attacks of dry cough

A warm drink in colds attacks of dry cough

Me and from dry and wet cough-syrup Inspiron always helps. This drug not only helps to eliminate phlegm, but also restores the mucous membrane of the bronchi after illness

I’m trying with the disease immediately go to the doctor. Cough the doctor prescribed syrup or tablets Prospan. More like pills, to take them to just 2 times a day. As for me, it is very convenient. Helps, the next day starts to go sputum. Well, of course, to relax more!

Me and pills don’t help, well, or a lot of time need. Bought compressor nebulizer for the New Year. Relatives is not appreciated, but when at the rink two of my cold and inhalation with drops I Spilled them for 5 days cured, said mother well done!))

Dry cough I always do inhalations with soda. But when you tickle and dry throat ENT prescribed me lozenges Isla-mint. They moisturize the throat, dryness is quick. This comprehensive treatment helps to eliminate the cough quickly.

I tablets with codeine is no longer take too harmful. Switched to herbal syrups. Last time well helped Prospan syrup, dry cough turned wet and brought mucus. Yet dwell on it, it was also delicious.

I ride cough caught well had a couple of sachets of cough Prospan. The hotel had a couple of pieces, then more. Good thing home without the cough came back.

I attack shoot in nebulizer inhalations with alkaline mineral water. The drink cough Prospan effervescent tablets. Such a comprehensive measure me helps get rid of dry cough.

I often have coughing spells at night. I’ve been wondering: is it possible in such cases to drink geelix? So he is very good, but everywhere write that it is impossible expectorants before bed make…