Quick methods of getting rid of cough in one day

The cough reflex, performing a protective function of the body, promotes the release of vozduhoprovodyaschih channels of accumulated pathological mucus and restore full breathing. But along with useful qualities, coughing still causes pain in the throat, chest and a lot of inconvenience in public areas.

In most cases, a painful symptom in the form of cough may indicate the presence of inflammatory lesions in the respiratory tract.

Given the possible complications (bronchial asthma, pneumonia), it becomes relevant the question of “How to cure a cough one day and not to harm health?”.

Using the tools of alternative medicine can not only cure cough for 1 day, but and improve the body’s immune. To do this:

  • To increase the amount of fluids, especially good to drink hot teas, medicinal teas. Need to drink more water, but still. Good result is observed when applied on an empty stomach a milkshake with a small amount of honey. Alternatively, it is possible to make tea and drink it with raspberry jam, honey. A huge benefit for the body from consuming berry fruit, in particular from the fruit of cranberry. Stewed fruit is a real storehouse of vitamins.
  • One of the popular ways in the fight against dry cough is a mixture of black radish juice and a small amount of honey. For mixing, you need to make a notch in the radish, put into it 2 tablespoons of honey and leave for 12 hours. Liberated juice is a remedy, it is used three times a day 30 minutes before meals.
  • To alleviate painful, paroxysmal cough will help a mixture of honey, butter and fleshy aloe leaf. All the ingredients are mixed in equal amounts. The recommended dosage -1 tbsp (4 doses per day).
  • Fresh figs, soaked in milk, helps to raise the body’s defenses and accelerates the healing process. This medicinal product is characterized by a pronounced diaphoretic and antipyretic action. To prepare a healing cocktail, you need to take fruits in the amount of 5 pieces and pour them with boiling milk (1 Cup). It is recommended to use before meals for 1/3 Cup three times a day.
  • Get rid of unproductive cough reflex by using the infusion, based on stinging nettle leaves. It is a universal remedy for colds. Method of cooking: pour into a container one tablespoon of crushed vegetative raw materials, pour boiling water (0.5 l) and insist.
  • Effectively carry out inhalation procedure with soda solution.
  • Beneficial on the body is rubbing the bear or badger fat in the chest area. By completing this procedure, you must have a good wrap around your face for maximum effect. Warming up procedures can be done using a small fabric bag filled with heated salt. Salt as it cools to be heated.

The use of mustard plasters for painful cough allows you to make thick bronchial mucus more viscous and amenable to excretion from the respiratory channels. To strengthen the result, it’s recommended warming procedures are done in a few days.

A large part of popular recipes to eliminate paroxysmal physiological reflex, is based on the unique medicinal properties of vegetable – onions. Among the variety of tools, you can identify the most effective:

  • A mixture of onion, sugar, honey and water. Chopped onion (1 piece) must be mixed with 2 tablespoons of sugar and 100ml of water. All boil for half an hour, allow to cool and already warm mixture to combine with 2 tablespoons of honey. The recommended dosage for an adult population is one tablespoon (5-6 receptions in day).
  • The fried onions. Fried onions in butter, you need to connect with 1 tbsp of honey.
  • Onions with sugar. To grate one onion and combine with an equal quantity of sugar. The resulting mixture overnight in a warm place, and the next day the entire to use.
  • Has healing properties and garlic. To prepare the mixture, you will need 3-4 zubochka garlic and 1 tbsp of honey. All components mix and consume throughout the day.
  • Cocktail of garlic juice and warm milk. 1 tbsp cow’s milk should be diluted 2-3 drops of lemon juice. To drink before going to bed.
  • A therapeutic mixture of honey and crushed garlic. The ingredients are taken in equal amounts. Apply the mixture thrice a day for one tablespoon.
  • Lemon. To prepare the mixture, it is necessary for 10 minutes to boil the lemon, squeeze the juice and combine with honey, 2 tbsp of glycerin. In severe attacks of cough reflex take 1 tbsp (4 doses per day). When mild – 1 tbsp (4 doses per day).

To cure cough for 1 day in a child is possible if to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The use of warming interventions in the form of foot baths with mustard powder helps to get rid of pesky physiological reflex. Alternatively, in the socks to put dry mustard.
  • The use of antiviral and anti-inflammatory medications will protect the body of a child from possible complications in the respiratory system.
  • To improve the purification process of pneumatic channels from the pathological secretion can be warming ointment that should be applied on the baby’s chest.
  • Conducting inhalation treatments with bee products, particularly honey, will greatly facilitate the patient’s condition and normalize breathing. Duration of procedure 15 minutes. You can prepare a kind of bread from bee products and cheese (flour) that are put on the chest or back.
  • Potatoes. For inhalation events, it is better to boil a vegetable in the skin, as it concentrated a huge amount of useful minerals. The remaining boiled potatoes can be used for compresses. His knead and spread on a dry cloth. Compress better at night to put on the chest or back. Upon completion of the warming procedures are recommended to prepare a cocktail of two beaten egg whites, one spoon honey and one spoon of vodka. The effect of the morning will be provided. To eliminate the unpleasant and painful symptoms by frequent gargling. Well-proven blend of Apple (one tablespoon) and beetroot juice (one Cup).

When dry, unproductive cough appeared on the background of cold, it is possible to use traditional methods, but to avoid the adverse reactions and complications need to be careful, especially when treating children. So the effect of the applied drugs was positive, it is recommended to contact a qualified electrician for precise diagnosis and making the correct treatment regimen.

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