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No matter how expensive cosmetic preparations people did not use, pimples and blackheads without mechanical intervention will not turn away. The effective removal of pimples and acne is possible with the use of special tools and devices. Typically, this use of the needle, loop and vacuum boosters.

To use the tools for the stress of pimples and acne can not only in beauty salons, but also at home. For this there are sets made of medical steel – tolerate regular disinfection and do not cause allergies upon contact with skin.

First in the top of popular and effective tools for removing pimples is a wand with two functional ends that are also called extractor. Here are its features:

  • on one side is a blade with a hole, as in sieve;
  • on the other side is a metal eyelet;
  • to eliminate small pimple choose a strainer;
  • to fight large pimples use a wide recess.

In the process of using a strainer allows you to collect extruded material and safely remove it from the skin, without recording an additional infection.

A small spoon to remove pimples and blackheads – this fixture with a sieve and a spoon on different sides. The spoon is used to eliminate single pimples and strainer – to fight with black dots.

The use of a spoon is the best way to combat acne. It is more hygienic, faster and more convenient hands, and also gives the opportunity to remove even deep comedones.

Very easy to use the spoon to combat acne on the nose. It leaves no stains and does not create painful sensations in use. However, there are several features of using such accessory.

Excessive pressure can damage the skin, so to work with the spoon must be carefully and strictly following instructions for use. It is advisable to view the process on video. Each use requires disinfection: hands, tools and face.

Tool for eliminating defects looks like a wand, one side of which is located the loop. On the other side there is a sharp needle designed to remove deep acne. Used device:

  • first needle pierced the pimple;
  • you then use the loop to squeeze deep pimples;
  • pre-steam out the skin and disinfect.

Due to the design of devices painful sensations are almost there, or they are very small. Minus in the absence of proper experience that completely remove the abscess out of the pores very difficult. And this can lead to re-infection.

To eliminate blackheads usually use a loop with the needle, as well as to combat acne. Loop easily removes comedones from every pore, which is usually located on the nose, the chin. The loop is very tight to the skin and allows no extra effort to remove dirt. There is only one drawback to the use of the accessory – the subsequent skin redness and small swelling.

Any extractor for removal of pimples and blackheads, as well as other tools, are used strictly according to the rules:

  • first, you need to clean the face of makeup and to wash it with care.
  • then the skin is steamed, put a hot towel;
  • the tool should be put on the pimple or blackhead so that the point was strictly under the hole of the spoon;
  • then push on the tool, but to not have severe pain.

Especially carefully need to use the game to eliminate blackheads and pimples. Use it only after steaming the skin. If acne occurs deep under the skin, it is first pierced with a needle, and then put the loop and push it.

In addition to tools, there are devices for removing pimples and blackheads, which are divided into 2 types: vacuum and laser. They have a more pronounced effect and safe to use, if a person will take into account all contraindications and strictly follow the instructions.

Use the automated machines are much lighter than conventional tools. Them almost impossible to injure the epidermis, and the skin they clean deeper and better.

Apparatus for eliminating acne and pimples stimulate blood circulation, treat sebaceous glands:

  1. A vacuum apparatus. Considered the most safe and suitable for home use. Before use it is only necessary to disinfect the skin and clean it. On the skin lead a special nozzle, after which it is washed and treated with skin cream. The vacuum device can be used for purification of septic lesions. However, therapeutic effectiveness, it is slightly inferior to the ultrasound device.
  2. Ultrasonic apparatus. It has a wide range of contraindications, have the greatest efficiency appliances installed in beauty salons. Cannot be used in the problems of the thyroid gland and inflammatory processes. Prohibited with rosacea, pregnancy, and any problems with pressure.

From this we can conclude that the vacuum device to remove pimples and acne are a better fit.

Vacuum facial cleaner used in dry or wet mode. He works with several methods, depending on the wearing of the nozzle (usually a cotton pad, massage brush or exfoliating accessory). Has several features:

  • delicate work without the risk of damage;
  • improving the outflow of fluid and elimination of edema;
  • the elimination of dead cells;
  • deep cleansing of blackheads and pimples.

The wet method requires the use of gels, lotions and foams for washing. The dry method is better suited for sensitive skin and protects it from injury.

The device works in several stages. First, they are treated under vacuum pressure clean face for about 5-7 minutes. It all depends on the brand, the exact time can be found in the instructions.

When the device works, it creates pressure between the nozzle and the skin, thereby improving blood flow and stimulates the absorption of nutrients.

After using the unit, you need to wash your skin with cool water and apply a special gel to tighten pores to prevent dirt from entering. Types of instrument to cleanse the pores from acne and pimples, there are few. But among the producers hoped about 5 brands that have taken this niche.

The best apparatus for the vacuum purification manufactured by companies Gezatone and Panasonic. The key benefits of the devices – security, reliability, hygienic use. They are great for men and women skin and can be used by teenagers.