How to quickly get rid of large internal (subcutaneous) pimple?

How to quickly get rid of large internal (subcutaneous) pimple?

How to get rid of large internal (subcutaneous) zit on my chin, on my face for a short time?

Probably, SMOE quick and easy is to anoint filled plot of conventional toothpaste. A pimple during the day, and even faster, are dried. Lost the redness and in a day or two and the pimple without leaving a scar. As is the case with the usual pimples on the skin.

Even as an option – a solution of salicylic acid.

To press the pimples on their own not!

1) compresses of saline solution. Leave for 5 minutes.

2) bath with sea salt.

3) aspirin mask. (well reduces inflammation).

4) an ordinary toothpaste applied to a pimple for 10 minutes then rinse with water. On the face is chill, relieves inflammation of the pimple dries.

5) grate raw potatoes to make pulp and apply it on the pimple. Leave overnight, top securing with a bandage and a plaster to fall off. Overnight, pus will come out whole.

6) special funds, ointments in drugstores acne (such as zineryt, differin).

In any case it is impossible to push. You will increase the pimple in twins and only increase the inflammation.

For prevention it is necessary to wash 2 times a day (morning and evening), to do the peeling face scrub.

If a pimple subcutaneous, not get rid of him the usual remedies for acne. To puncture or put pressure in any case is impossible: you can catch an infection or inflammation just spread will be not one, but five spots. It is especially dangerous to produce all sorts of manipulation in the field of so-called “nasolabial triangle”.

It is best to use a tool that will help to pull pus. Well help lotions of a strong solution of salt from the cabbage juice. Or pack of cottage cheese (fat) is also perfectly pulls all the muck. You can gently smear the affected area with iodine in the form of mesh, then repeat. But it’s not great for the skin, can burn. And iodine can cure even the boil.