How to quickly get rid of pimples on face and body

Usually, pimples and other skin rashes – this is unwanted process that requires early treatment. In most cases treatment of rashes has cosmetic challenges. Fortunately, pimples is not terrible, as today there are a large number of various methods, which requires little time and minimum effort to achieve a good result. In this article discusses the most optimal and efficient means to remove the inflammatory processes in less than one day.

Pimples on the face – not the most pleasant problem in the first place because visually it does not look very attractive, and the face, unlike the body, can not hide under clothing. Cause of rash can be a variety of factors: poor diet, severe stress, hormonal imbalance, infection of the skin by pathogenic microorganism etc. the Mechanism as a whole remains similar – it is time clogged or affected, then aktiviziruyutsya inflammatory process with edema of the surrounding tissues.

To get rid of acne on the face we need to most carefully, since the wrong approach can damage the skin and stay with an unpleasant scar. Depending on the localization prescribe special creams or ointments that help relieve the inflammatory process (for example, Zener or Zovirax for the lips). Usually their principle of operation consists in drying the treated area. To prevent problems, you must fix the reason that caused the rash initially. Equally important in this aspect is the face – the use of safe compounds, thorough cleansing and moisturizing.

Body acne is very often deliver not only aesthetic, but also physical discomfort. So, if there is inflammation of education on the back can be markedly painful, making it difficult to properly relax. At such sites, the problem is often formed because of the poor quality of clothes or the fact that it is made from synthetic material and provokes by contact irritation of the skin.

Treatment in this case, it also has several areas – the removal of the precipitation and neutralization of its causes to prevent problems in the future.

The mechanism of formation of purulent zit is similar to the formation of ordinary and often the reason lies in over-production of sebum. In the end, creates favorable conditions for bacteria, and infected pores formed purulent discharge. They usually come in several forms: papules (small lesions), pustules (balls with pus surrounded by inflammation), inflammatory nodes when the acne spreads inside the skin layers. Anyway, as long as the pus is under the skin, painful feelings do not disappear.

To accommodate such pimples can any part of the body and require immediate treatment, as they are the source of the infection and can spread. To remove yourself such a formation is not recommended, as high risk of transmission. In this case treatment should be complex professional needs not only to eliminate the pimple, but also to neutralize its cause. For myself the affected area usually applied the therapeutic ointment that would help the pimple to come to light and be delayed subsequently.

The formation of skin – the problem is very common and relevant in any time, so on the shelves of cosmetic stores and pharmacies can be found just a huge amount of money offered to resolve it. They have a different shape, texture, mechanism of action, and should be chosen depending on the specific situation.

Creams represent a thick dense compositions of color, the gels have a light consistency and transparent colors, and lotions are liquid compositions, most often alcohol-based. The variety of offerings from cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies in such forms is really amazing, and choose a specific it is possible only having tried a few, assessing their effect. Very often manufacturers offer from a range of products, which comprehensively are fighting with the problem of rashes. Please find the list of the most popular and demanded tools to deal with the rash on the face:

  • Clearasil with salicylic acid for quick drying effect and reduce inflammation. The lineup includes several items – a cleanser, face scrub, moisturizer and lotion;
  • “Clean skin asset” from Garnier – a line of products consisting of several positions. The structure includes a component with antibacterial effect, which helps to neutralize the growth of bacteria;
  • gel Skinoren azelaic acid that have a disinfectant effect. The composition is effective for mild forms of acne or already at an advanced stage of treatment;
  • scrub – a local antibiotic, its action is based on inhibition of the activity of bacteria and drying effect. The only disadvantage is the skin becomes accustomed to the effects, and gradually, the efficiency is greatly reduced;
  • Baziron As stronger gel suitable even for severe forms of acne. Applied course and is not addictive.

For acne on the body can also apply the described tools – Zineryt, Skinoren, Basilion, but often to eliminate them resort to drugs or medicine.

Tabletirovannye usually topical drugs to treat serious forms of acne, when the regulation of the skin from the inside is simply impossible to cope with the problem. Tablets are assigned a specialist depending on the nature of the causes that trigger the rashes (for example, with hormonal disruptions in women assigned to contraceptives).

Medicinal ointment as well to help cope with the problem of acne, and this method usually costs more cheaply. They work differently:

  • zinc ointment — it has a drying effect, it also disinfects the skin. It is applied to the affected skin up to 4 times a day until complete disappearance of the problem;
  • salicylic ointment has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action, promotes exfoliation of skin cells and their active regeneration, which speeds up the healing process of pimples;
  • Vishnevsky ointment contains birch tar, castor oil and xeroform, thereby warming has antibacterial and drying effect. It is usually applied on ripening pimple to relieve pain and accelerate its opening;
  • Metrogyl gel has Antiprotozoal and antibacterial properties, its use is important for acne, but it is also used in a number of problems associated with the skin;
    Chloramphenicol has potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

The tool is a kind of lotion, which treat the skin. The chatterbox is assigned only by a physician, the composition should be prepared in the pharmacy at the prescribed recipe. These drugs have a pronounced effectiveness in the case chosen in accordance with skin type, its characteristics and problems. With self-manufacturing a high probability of incorrect selection of drug, so there is a chance only to aggravate the situation with acne.

The great advantage of folk remedies is the lack of habituation and all natural, but with the selection of a suitable may have some problems. The only way is to try different recipes.

Recipes for masks against acne a lot, there are options for different skin types and different complexity of the existing problems:

  1. fruit mask. A tablespoon of orange pulp mixed with two tablespoons of pitted cherries, thoroughly mix and add to the mixture a tablespoon of potato starch. The composition is applied to the face for 10 minutes;
  2. the easiest way for treatment of acne fresh aloe juice several times a day;
  3. honey (2 teaspoons) it is necessary to enrich a few drops of lemon juice and egg yolk.

This mixture not only helps with acne but also lightens the skin best suited for oily type;

  1. a tablespoon of yeast diluted with water to obtain a thick mixture, you can add a little lemon juice. Wash off the mask after it dries on the skin;
  2. helps to combat acne and lye soap. His lather to the state of the foam and the resulting light mixture is applied to wet face. Leave on the skin is not worth more than a couple minutes.

Herbal decoctions and infusions are usually considered as an adjunct in the treatment of acne, which can be used as a lotion or in the form of frozen ice cubes, parallel pores due to the cold. Due to the composition, they can be disinfected, relieving inflammation, accelerate the healing process or to clean the skin.

When pimples and acne are most useful decoction of chamomile, oak bark, birch leaves, raspberries, marigold, Bur marigold and celandine. Preparation method is universal: in a glass of boiling water you will need a tablespoon of dry raw material mixture in a water bath bring to a boil, insist under the lid and filter.

Essential oils are the concentrated properties, exerting active influence in any kind of application. In the fight against acne use them very simply – simply enough to treat areas point. For such purposes suitable tea tree oil or jojoba oil, sea buckthorn, rosemary, linseed, castor, olive and almond oil.

Alcohol tincture combine two effect – the main effect due to herbal component, and a drying and disinfectant achieved by becoming a part of alcohol. Fully face such means do not process as this can lead to redness and peeling of the skin, on the acne affected locally. The most efficient are the following tinctures:

  • calendula;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • lavender;
  • Echinacea;
  • propolis;
  • eucalyptus etc.

Badyaga is sold in a variety of forms – creams, ointments and clean powders. For the preparation of home remedies is used it is the latter kind. Natural remedy has anti-aging effect, also it is effective for acne, age spots and traces of acne cured. To eliminate acne great face mask made from fresh-water sponge, cosmetic clay and a few drops of boric acid (just not recommended to use this composition in the inflamed acne).
The easiest option mask – only the powder, diluted with pure water to a pulp. It is applied to the skin in a thin layer on a quarter of an hour, then wash off with water.

Spots and scars after acne is one of the most unpleasant cosmetic consequences of the problem, deal with that wish everyone who is faced with. You can try to neutralize them with a special mask of green clay with the addition of rosemary oil. To lighten dark areas, you can apply this composition: blend egg white with two teaspoons of lemon juice. In the presence of scars it is recommended to wipe them with a mixture of vegetable olive oil and essential oils of rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and clove (1 drop).

This video is an excerpt from the television program, in which we consider the most popular and effective means of helping to get rid of a pimple in a single day. The authors offer many recipes, among them there are even such as toothpaste, lemon juice, aspirin, etc.

Oleg: was very deep purulent pimples on the cheeks during the University, the night pulled them with ointment Vishnevsky. Only then the look is not very good, but it copes with its functions.

Alina: always helps Me as well as Others. I use from time to time, rarely, so the skin does not get used.

Nadia: I Just love the mask with the pain effect is excellent! I advise everyone to this component!