Sharon stone about his illness: “Doctors said chance of survival was five percent”

“My whole life went down the drain”

Hollywood actress Sharon stone said in an interview to CBS about the health problems.

59-year-old star recalled, suffered a brain hemorrhage in September 2001 and almost died. According to the artist, the illness turned her life around.

For a long time, Sharon preferred not to talk about stroke. Now, when illness and rehabilitation was left behind, the actress can afford to talk about what happened.

It all happened on 29 September 2001.

“When my head blew a blood vessel, I saw a giant flash of light that began to suck me, — said stone. — I like flew out of the body and begin to see the deceased friends and other people who in life was very kind to me. I was somewhere in the middle between two worlds. Suddenly something happens and boom – I was back in my body.”

Doctors miraculously brought her back from the dead. The doctors then warned the star that her chances of survival after hemorrhagic stroke is only five percent.

“And then it affected my speech, hearing, gait, ability to read and write. Had to learn all over again. All life was destroyed”, — says the actress.

Two years ago, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar stone also touched on the topic of stroke. According to the actress, she felt bad for three days before I went to the emergency room. There it was discovered that she had a stroke. The actress lost consciousness soon after admission to hospital.

“When I came to, I asked the doctor: “will I die? “And he said, “you Have the brain the bleeding,” said stone. — I said, “I have to call my mom” and he replied, “You’re right. Soon you may lose the ability to speak.” My mom flew in from Pennsylvania as quickly got out of the plane right in the shorts, in which she was gardening. It took me two years to get my body recovered after a stroke”.

For several years the stone has disappeared from the screen. After a stroke she was not offered any roles.

“It was a very difficult period, I was sitting without work, says Sharon. — I received no offers, the producers thought that I have lost all the skills. My whole life went down the drain”.

She did not tell colleagues about their stroke, as, according to her, nobody cares about broken people. The actress tried to return to work, but felt uncomfortable.

“I’m sure all these years I thought it strange, but to say what happens, not like it, because, you know, Hollywood does not forgive, she said. — I am happy that I was able to restore health and return to the profession.”

Sharon admits that she has to constantly fight my body to look younger than their years and feel healthy. In addition to cerebral bleeding actress suffers from asthma and diabetes. However, Sharon always remains positive and cheerful, removed a lot and does charity work.

Sharon has three adopted sons, she has a cat and a dog. In 1998-2004, the stone was married to the Vice-President and editor of the newspaper “San Francisco Chronicle” Phil Bronstein. After the wedding the couple adopted a boy of Roan (he is now 17 years old).

Already in the divorce, Sharon has adopted two more boys — Laird Vaughn stone (age 12) and Quinn Kelly stone (11 years).

Before in 2000 for the first time become a mother, the actress suffered several miscarriages. But the desire to be a mother outweighed everything, and now Sharon admits that her sons are her life.

No matter how hard it was, she fought the disease hard, because she have someone to fight. When is the meaning of life — people will do everything to overcome any illnesses and to combat any disease! I hope that Sharon will succeed.