What a dream face?

The interpretation of dreams – the process is very complex and has its own quirks. Because one or another detail and circumstance that were seen in the dream, I can tell you about the events that await in the near future. In today’s time there are many dream books and from people who have learned the art of interpretation of dream.

According to the dream book of Miller, when a person dreams a person dreams predict the future and interpret them precisely should the expression and position of the person:

  • To dream of an open, handsome face with a simple look means that you can safely participate in the adventures, which will fall in the near future.
  • To see sullen, angry or ugly face –so that there will be unwanted events.
  • Admire the beautiful color and condition of your face – portends an unexpected happy events and good fortune.
  • To dream of a poor complexion means that the inevitable disappointment.
  • To dream of someone big and nasty lips to rash decisions which will entail negative consequences.If having beautiful plump lips — portends harmony, love and abundance in the house, and for those who loves to reciprocate.To dream thin lips – so difficult situation that will arise in the near future, are easily resolved. Sore and swollen lips – to illness of relatives.
  • If in a dream to see around a lot of happy faces – it is a favorable dream, however, on the contrary, to be surrounded by gloomy people – to a disturbing event.
  • If you’ve had a bad dream, in which there is someone’s face closeup – this dream will bring sorrow.
  • To dream of yourself means that people are unhappy with themselves.

Bulgarian clairvoyant had a great gift of interpretation of dreams and predicted the future with amazing accuracy. If a person will dream of the person, then such a dream can be interpreted in different ways:

  • If in the dream to see himself – this means that the person who saw the dream, has no objective self-evaluation.
  • To see the face of a loved one — in the near future will be recrudece associated with it.
  • Dream red face foretells a bad act.
  • If you dream that your face discovered spots – it means that the person depends on public opinion and afraid of universal condemnation.

It is believed that the face is the symbol of the genital organs of men. Based on the circumstances that were in the dream of ways to interpret it:

  • To dream of a reflection of his own face – this speaks to the narcissism of the person who saw such a dream.
  • If in a dream to see its face and notice the flaws in it – it says about the selfishness and certain difficulties in communication with people.
  • If in the dream a man pays attention to his nose, this suggests that he is prone to Masturbation. If in the dream the male looking at his mouth – so he’s shy with women, but it is to sexual fantasies. If a man sees in a dream his teeth – it means he is ashamed of his addictions to Masturbation and fear of condemnation by society.
  • If the woman in the dream focuses on your nose, it often indulges in sexual fantasies that hesitate to implement. If the girl sees in a dream your lips then it is prone to Masturbation. If in the dream a woman looks at your teeth means that she wants to give birth.
  • If a man in a dream sees someone else’s face, it indicates the presence of an inferiority complex.
  • If a man sees in a dream someone else’s lips or mouth, it means he wants sex and constantly thinks about it. If in the dream the man involves someone’s nose – so the man has homosexual tendencies.
  • If the woman in the dream looks at someone’s nose, that means she wants sex, but she can not take the initiative wishes. If a woman sees in a dream someone’s mouth or lips, it means that in everyday life she wants to have sex with a woman.

Miss Hasse, of predictions which have earned trust, believed that numbers are the main source of information, so to determine how soon it will be one or another interpretation of the dream depends on what the person saw this dream:

  • If in the dream you wash your face – this means that people will soon regret your act.
  • To obscure the face in a dream – portends bad news in the near future.
  • To see the reflection of his face in a dream – portends a long life.
  • To see a pale face in the mirror to serious illness.
  • To see the ugly face – to trouble.
  • If in a dream to see his own face unusually beautiful means a long and happy life of children.

The person seen in a dream, represents human desires and thoughts:

  • To dream of the girl unpleasant appearance with a bright bird on her shoulder, so that you’ll test something unpleasant.
  • If you dream of a man whose face is covered in sweat from no effort at all –all problems solved very quickly.
  • If in the dream, the person washes and drains all the water, then there is a desire to drink, and water is already over –which means that the inconsistency of actions can lead to the disruption of inner harmony.
  • To dream of a two-faced idol is wary of betrayal among friends is a man who can’t be trusted.

If a person dreams that on the face formed black wound – it foreshadows the unhappiness that is associated with the son who saw the dream man. If in a dream to see a closed face, but uncovered hair – which means that soon there will be a trial.

Dreams in which the visible face different people, most often, are warning:

  • If in a dream to see the male face, this means that the person who saw the dream, successful and confident.
  • If you dream of a female face – it shows inferiority complex.
  • To dream the girl’s face –this means that the person who saw this dream, waiting for love, joy and pleasure.
  • The guy’s face in a dream means that all your undertakings and plans will be person who will support in any minute.
  • To dream the face of a child so soon there will be a good event, which no one expected and nocardial change your life.

In real life, the pimples are troubles and problems, but in my sleep – pimples are most often a good sign:

  • The dream Miller, to see the pimples on the face – predicts a little trouble in life. Boils on the face in a dream – means that soon people will experience a major shock. If in a dream to see the pimples on someone else’s face – it predicts severe disease.
  • Home dream, the man who dreams of pimples, depend on public opinion.
  • If you had a dream in which his nose was a pimple – so soon vozniknoveniya idea and make it real.
  • If in a dream on his forehead jumped in the boil – in real life appeared envious.
  • If you had a pimple on your own cheek – so soon there will be an unexpected meeting.
  • If in the dream appeared a pimple in the mouth – you should expect passionate kissing.

Beard, stubble or any other facial hair often portends power and material wealth, but in the interpretation of these dreams have value in some circumstances:

  • The dream of Maya States: if a person dreams of a long and beautiful beard – such a dream foretells a meeting with a man which will truly love.If you had stubble or ragged beard – so the health of someone close to you is threatened.
  • The dream Miller, if you dream of a beard – that means a power struggle that will face soon the man who saw such a dream. White beard in a dream – foretells of failure and quarrels. To dream of a woman with a beard – portends a serious illness or an unpleasant meeting.
  • Esoteric dream book. To see my beard in my sleep, which really no means that one enjoys the fact that is not peculiar to his age. Comb the beard in a dream means that soon will be a new love affair.
  • The dream book Hasse,to see a growing beard in a dream – foretells that in real life, the state will only grow. To see a black beard on your face for good health. If in the dream the beard appears to be own long and thick – so, in real life a person has many defenders. To dream of the red beard – which means that man has buddies who are plotting against him that something was wrong.
  • Dream interpretation Azar:a Thick beard in a dream — portends a large profit in the near future. White beard in a dream – to worries and trouble. To dream of a beard in women – to shame.

Depending on who had facial hair – male or female, depends on the interpretation of the dream:

  • If facial hair had male representatives, it portends profit and increasing the credibility among others.
  • If a woman sees a dream where her face is completely covered with hair, which means that in real life she is under the male influence. If a woman who had a similar dream, work, means, it expects an increase or a raise in salary.

Dreams of this kind often have a negative interpretation, however, there are exceptions:

  • To dream of someone angrily beating on his face – so, in real life we should expect family problems.
  • If in the dream a man beats his wife in the face – it portends her betrayal in the near future.
  • If man shoots himself in the dream in the face – in a short time the goal will be achieved.
  • If a woman gets in the face of his husband in the dream, then in real life, she wishes that he paid more attention to.
  • If during sleep the person punching somebody in the face to the blood in the blood relatives remind myself.

In order to make a correct analysis of dreams, it is necessary to consider even the smallest details.

  • Black person:

Complexion, seen in a dream, plays a very important role in its interpretation, it is also important who owns the person included in the specific dream :

— If in the dream the man saw himself with black face means that soon it will happen some trouble.

— If you dream of another man with black face – this dream foretells interesting news. To dream the face of a Negro – you need to be wary, because among my friends are two-faced and insincere.

  • The bruise on her face.

To dream a bruise on the face, most often portends obstacles that may arise on the way to an important goal:

— The dream interpretation of Freud – if a woman dreams of a bruise on the face, it means that her lover tired of her behavior, and they can at any time to end the relationship.

— Dream book Miller States: if in a dream to see the face of a loved one bruise — soon it will be accused of something that he had not committed. If the person in the dream is beating someone black and blue in the face – so friends really aren’t who they say they are. If dreamt a man with a lot of bruises – it speaks to the dishonesty of a partner.

-Esoteric dream –to see a bruise on the face of another person foreshadows the fear of a man who saw the dream.

  • Blood in the face:

To see blood in a dream is a favorable sign. Often, it is material gain or good news from blood relatives:

— To dream of blood on his face from the cut – an unfavorable sign that someone committed an act that will leave a deep trace in the soul.

To see blood on the face in the dream is material prosperity.

— If in the dream the man wipes the blood from his face – this means that relationships with blood relatives will soon be established.

  • Spots on the face:

Spots in dreams reflect the lack of purity of the intentions of people who surround a person who saw a similar dream.

— If in the dream one sees a birthmark on her face – in real life, he will become the heir to a large fortune.

To see the face covered with spots, this dream means that anyone around you is constantly lying.

— If a person sees the painful spots on the face, so surrounded by a person that is trying to cause harm to personal Affairs or health.

  • The mole on the face:

Moles that people see in dreams often symbolize family and events that are directly associated with them:

— The dream of the Writer Aesop: If people saw the birthmark, in real life he will meet a relative, who has not been seen.

— Dream Miller: If a person dreams that he sees the birthmark on the beloved’s face, so they have a long and happy family life.

— If you dream of a birthmark that is located on your forehead, this sleep is a sign of illness.

— If in the dream one sees the birthmark, which in reality is not – such a dream means that soon there will be a meeting with relatives.

  • To wash the face:

The interpretation of such dreams in much depends on who performs the action and who:

— If the person washes in a dream – in real life he often is a hypocrite and hide their bad actions from others.

— A man who saw in a dream as washes in the river – expect a lot of hassle and problems, the resolution of which will require a considerable amount of time.

— If in the dream washes the sick person – to a fast recovery, healthy – for material profit.

-According to the Ancient Chinese Dream interpretation, if a person washes in a dream – in the near future to resolve all the problems and will be of concern.

— If in the dream, the person washes the baby, so in real life it has a great happiness.

  • Face in the mirror:

The dreams in which there are mirrors that can have many meanings, they can reflect the reality and distort it:

— If a person sees the laughing face in the mirror – their own or a stranger – this is a positive sign that portends joy and happiness.

— If in the dream you carefully consider your own face in the mirror – such a dream foretells material profit large sizes.

— If a man paints the face in front of a mirror in a dream, in real life he is very proud and selfish.

— If in the dream, looking in the mirror and sees a dirty person in real life, this man has many detractors, who bred around him gossip.

  • Face burns:

Burns during sleep are unfavorable sign it could be failures in the Affairs or betrayal by loved ones:

— Erotic dreams: if you dream to see a burn on someone’s face – then in the near future will disappoint a loved one. If you see your own face burn – this dream foretells trouble in the near future.

— Burn your face in a dream-means that soon all hopes will be dashed because of the difficult circumstances that fate.

— To dream of a spot on the face from the old burn – a man who saw this dream will have to accept the circumstances that exist at the moment, otherwise any attempt to change things can result in the loss of what is available.

— A man who dreamed that he received burns from the explosion must be extremely cautious in real life, as such a dream foretells an accident.

To feel the pain of a burn on the face in a dream – such a dream foretells a new hobby, which will be short and will not bring happiness.

From ancient times to the present day, people tend to look to the future, to learn their fate and the events of the nearest future through interpretation of dreams.