First aid for stroke: the sequence of actions

First aid for stroke should be given to the person in the shortest possible time. Correct actions taken, as well as activities aimed at saving lives, will help to alleviate the condition of the victim prior to arrival of qualified medical staff.

From that, how will be performed these steps directly depends on the ease of subsequent repair of cells damaged and the nervous system. Need to deliver in a hospital for 3 hours after the detection of the disease.

First aid for stroke at home should be provided properly. Regardless of where it happened and what caused the stroke, the caregivers should act according to this algorithm:

  • Do not panic;
  • To assess the General condition of the victim. First aid for stroke begins with the identification of the presence of consciousness, breathing and heartbeat;
  • To call an ambulance;
  • When it detects the first signs of a stroke is necessary to render emergency care, but only when explicitly needed;
  • Correct body position of the patient is also very important. Before you provide first aid for stroke, you need to lay right on your back or side;
  • Emergency treatment of stroke involves the access of oxygen to facilitate breathing;
  • You need to constantly pay attention to the human condition.

The above-described General measures that should be taken when stroke. First aid must be appropriate and timely that the person was not only a chance to survive, but fully recover after an illness. If there are severe violations of the health of the sick, all measures need to be taken very quickly. Better if first aid for heart attack and stroke is accomplished in a few people.

It is important to observe all the details, because any mistake can worsen the situation.

But even if the signs of a stroke and minor heart attack in women is very obvious, no need to panic. Caregivers must act quickly. Fear and extra traffic can lengthen the duration of assistance and lead to negative consequences.

Should reassure the patient, if conscious. The first thing to do when a stroke before the ambulance is to assure in the human consciousness that will definitely help him. A disease of this kind always begins suddenly, so strong stress response will be required.

The presence of disturbances may aggravate the already deteriorating state of the brain.

Calling an ambulance is very important to do is as quickly as possible. Minimal suspicion of stroke should be grounds for appeal to the experts, are capable of much better and more correct to understand the situation. When you call, should be referred to the Manager information about the incident, clearly to name the place. All this will help save precious minutes until paramedics will be in the way, you should provide first aid medical attention.

To estimate the state will help the following factors:

  • The presence of consciousness. Absence, and paracrine are a sign of serious condition. In milder forms this is not the case.
  • Breath. The action algorithm involves the assessment of breathing and the presence of disorder, for example, of discontinuity. To do artificial respiration should be only in case of absence of movements of the chest.
  • Pulse. You should listen to the heartbeat, to understand its frequency and the presence of rhythm. Allowed to do compressions only if the pulse is missing at all.

It is equally important to understand the features of stroke and the symptoms to provide first aid in accordance with them. You need to ask, does it bother severe pain in the head is dizzy. Signs of stroke in men and women– contorted face, inability to smile or make other facial simple action, the presence of speech disorders, at least – is its absence.

You may also notice weakness, numbness on one or both sides, the presence of immobility. You need to understand whether the impaired vision and problems with coordination of movements. The combination of the above-described symptoms indicate a hemorrhagic stroke and the need for emergency assistance.

Regardless of the problems with consciousness, it is necessary to give a person peace. Movement, especially attempts of independent movement should be excluded.

First aid first is the need to lay the victim on his back, lifting his head and chest if he is conscious. Horizontal position that involves turning the head to one side will be required for fainting, cramps.

When the paramedics already called first aid does not imply the use of drugs. But if the process of transport to a hospital is delayed, the brain is able to help the following drugs, which should enter intravenous:

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First aid for minor stroke must also be timely. This term refers to a condition in which the blood circulation of the brain. It appears spontaneously and usually leaves for the day.

Signs of mini stroke are as follows:

  • High sensitivity to very loud sounds;
  • Photophobia;
  • Visual acuity decreases;
  • Hearing impairment;
  • The increase in pressure;
  • The feeling of drowsiness.

Treatment for stroke for many years. According to the statistics 89% of cases, the stroke ends with the death of a person. Now approximately two thirds of patients die within the first 3 years of the disease.

The main reason for stroke is high blood pressure. To bring down the pressure can and should, but it does not cure the disease itself. The only drug that is officially recommended by the Ministry of health for the treatment of stroke and it is also used by cardiologists in their work is Normalan. The drug acts on the cause of the disease, so it is possible to completely cure the stroke. Moreover, in the framework of the Federal program, each resident of the Russian Federation can get it for free .

This type of illness more serious than a minor heart attack, so first aid is to immediately call neurological team that you want to say about the suspected stroke. Then you can fully concentrate on the process of helping.

First aid in ischemic stroke is:

  • Man is placed below the shoulders and head raised and was under an angle of approximately 30 degrees to the body;
  • With cotton wool soaked in ammonia or, for example, wine vinegar to bring you to consciousness.
  • Not to allow to sink the language to closely monitor the presence of breath;
  • If the detected ischemic stroke, do not use any drugs, except Piracetam and Glycine;
  • Wipe the victim’s face with cold water;
  • Limb RUB, better to do it with a soft brush;
  • To provide heat to the lower extremities, cover.

Headache? Numb fingers? To headache is not moved to the stroke, drink a glass.

First aid for hemorrhagic stroke is carried out in accordance with a similar algorithm, but has features. It is important to do everything necessary as quickly as possible, because you need to understand what this disease is characterized by rapid deterioration.

In case of violation of cerebral circulation should take all possible measures to reduce the risk of very dangerous health. The following describes the activities that must hold, if the detected hemorrhagic stroke, with first aid will be like this:

  • You need to put the man with raised head and shoulders;
  • Completely immobilize it;
  • To remove or at least undo pressing items of clothing, making breathing easy and smooth;
  • Removing dentures from the mouth;
  • Tilt your head;
  • To apply cold to the head, where there is no numbness;
  • Put the feet of a person in the warmth;
  • Limb RUB a mixture of oil with alcohol.

Provided first aid for stroke is of great importance, but the affected person urgently needs help of qualified doctors.

Upon arrival, experts will do everything possible to restore or to maintain respiratory function. Assistance is provided with preparations.

Most frequently used are 1% Semax who always have doctors. In addition to this medicine, having the form of drops, the victim is often administered supporting drugs. This is done intravenously, with the aim of achieving the most rapid effect. When taken all possible measures, human hospitalitynet.

If the victim became ill on the street, before the ambulance when stroke need prompt assistance.

  • The first step is to involve several people. It is important to organize the actions of all involved to avoid confusion.
  • Putting it in the correct position, just need to release the neck and chest to facilitate breathing.
  • Then wrap the limb with warm clothes (if time of year is cool) and grind them.
  • If the mobile phone of the victim recorded contact relatives, should immediately inform them.

In the apartment, as well as other closed areas before the arrival of the ambulance necessary in addition to the standard measures to pay attention to several important factors:

  • To provide access of air by opening a door or window;
  • To release the neck and chest;
  • If the stroke occurred in the workplace and have the ability to measure pressure it is necessary to do it. With the increased rate, the employer must take care of the help of antihypertensive drugs: Captopril, Metoprolol.

If a man discovered a suspected stroke to itself, it is very important not to begin to worry. The first step is to adequately assess the situation. Their signs should say to the relatives or those that are near.

It is not necessary to make active movements, to avoid overloading of the systems of the body. If not spastic, and other functions are not lost, you should take a comfortable horizontal position, under head put pillow, loosen constricting clothing items.

In parallel, you need to call an ambulance, if you haven’t taken your family. But there are statistics that neurological symptoms which are very powerful that can completely distract a person from others, and so he needs to rely only on doctors and the help of other people.

Can not be used vasodilators, for example, papaverin. They broaden the undamaged parts of the circulatory system, exerting excessive strain on already damaged. You shouldn’t drink or eat so as not to cause a gag reflex.

Condition after stroke is difficult for the patient, therefore, eating the right food is one of the conditions for rapid rehabilitation.

Key features of selection of diet the following:

  • After an attack you want to restore the physiological minimum. On the day the person is given two liters of fluid, which may be in the form of various soups, weak tea, milk.
  • Critical period – a time when you should eat low-calorie food, but food value must be sufficient to fully sustain the patient.
  • The first day after a stroke, the worst, the food in this time grind to pulp, the man needs to feed. It is necessary to drink from a small teapot or special bottle.
  • If the swallowing reflex no, the food is delivered using a probe, in this case, she prepares a maximally liquid with vitamins. When serious neurological disorders, if motor function is lost, it is quite possible deciding on intravenous injection of special solutions.
  • Once the ability to swallow will be restored and the General condition improves, you can eat solid foods: vegetables, meat patties steamed, mashed potatoes, eggs.

Of nutrition

Right foods is just as important as the time rendered medical aid. Man should completely refrain from fat and sweet, can’t drink coffee or tea. If the person recovering from stroke is high blood pressure, your diet should contain a lot of buckwheat, figs, oatmeal, which contain very useful magnesium and potassium salts.

To normalize the digestive system, it is desirable not to resort to the use of medicines, and to choose the right power scheme. A person is better to only eat black bread, made of coarse flour. You need to drink a lot of water, eat fresh fruit.

According to statistics, the correct rendering of medical aid to the victim and concerted action people that help people before the ambulance arrived, give a huge advantage in the recovery plan.

If all actions in stroke is done correctly, chances are:

  • 50-60% of massive strokes end up saving the life of a patient;
  • 75-90% probability of full recovery in mild stroke;
  • 60-70% improved chance of healing and recovery abilities of brain cells, regardless of stroke type.

You need to understand that an attack can occur in any person, regardless of age and place of residence. To prevent stroke, should be carefully monitor their diet, physical and mental condition. It is advisable to stop Smoking, forget about the excessive use of alcohol. The benefit will have to control his blood pressure and timely access to a doctor when it is exceeded.

The minimum amount of stress will also help for longer feel healthy. It is important to treat any vascular disease, and especially heart, even if they are not so dangerous. With the disease of diabetes must always be seen by a doctor.