How to quickly cure a sty at home for 2 days

A sty is a very unpleasant ailment that requires urgent treatment, as is a purulent fill near the bulb of the eye.

The development of barley in the lower or the upper eyelid is very fast, yesterday it may not be, and today you can notice the inflammation that is hard not to pay attention. Often the reason lies in problems with the immune system, however, this fact does not change. This disease requires immediate intervention in the process.

Fortunately, a sty can be cured at home very quickly, it will require special antibacterial drops which are able to overcome the pathogen of barley — a staph infection.

What is it? The first and main cause of stye is . For the origin of barley is enough dirty hands to scratch your eyes or wipe his face with a dirty towel, or in your eye a small speck. There is an infection of the sebaceous gland or the hair follicle, resulting in and become barley. Especially if the infection is carried with the dirt on the eyelid, against the background of hypothermia and weakened immunity, a sty will appear with high probability.

Other risk factors that can lead to stye on the eyelid:

  1. . For this reason, barley appears if a person has wet feet, caught in the rain, with a long wind in your face, especially with the dust.
  2. . If the disease keeps coming back, you need to raise immunity, it is particularly useful hardening will help cool the bath to the eyes. Immunity may decline with the weakening of the body frequent colds, the lack of vitamins, stress
  3. Sometimes the cause can be mites, settled on the lashes .
  4. This disease often occurs in people suffering from .
  5. Use .

Also you risk to make a barley people who spend little time on the air. With a shortage of vitamins C, A and (vitamin deficiency) and anemia also have a risk of developing. The man with the stye does not pose a threat to others, so you should not shun these people – you can’t catch it.

Decided to allocate 2 types of diseases — external and internal barley.

  1. . This is the most common type of barley. It is an abscess, i.e. an abscess on the edge of the eyelid. The abscess ripens from the outside of the eye. Its development is caused by infection of the surrounding tissues.
  2. . This abscess on the inner surface century. It develops as a result of infection of the meibomian glands. Meibomian gland located in the middle of the century, at the base of the eyelashes. Their number is about 50-70 in every age. These glands help maintain eye moisture, preventing evaporation of tears from the surface. If there is a blockage of the meibomian glands, the internal stye may lead to the development of chalazion.

Barley can be dangerous if not properly treated, or in the case of a wrong diagnosis. Squeezing of pus leads to the spread of infection through the vessels, which may even lead to meningitis or blood poisoning. And here without serious treatment is not necessary.

Under the sty means yellowish or white, not yet revealed, an abscess on his swollen and reddened century. Even just starting to ripen, barley immediately manifested by certain symptoms:

  1. First, in the area of century occur .
  2. On the edge of the eyelid can be detected . Pain intensifies when pressure is applied. The patient may feel that in the eye there is a foreign body. During the inspection to detect anything fail.
  3. . Redness can also affect the conjunctiva (membrane of the eye). Often manifested hyperthermia in the affected area (local fever).
  4. . In some patients, it is so strong that almost all of the swollen eyelid, eye “swims”, it becomes impossible to open.

On the second or third day after the first manifestations of the abscess Matures. Outwardly, it looks like a yellow dot, translucent through the skin. When domestic barley it can be barely noticeable. At the end of the disease, the abscess is opened independently with the abundant secretion of pus, finally bringing relief to the patient. Within a week from disease not a trace remains. In rare cases of Mature barley may disappear before reaching the stage of opening.

To recognize looks like a stye in a child or adult we offer to viewing the detailed photos of the barley on the bottom or top eye.

If you suspect a stye it is best to seek the help of a specialist–an ophthalmologist. After a detailed examination and clarification of the disease the doctor can prescribe the appropriate treatment.

If the barley appears in person regularly, the ophthalmologist :

  1. Detailed clinical and biochemical analyses, examination of a scraping of the skin to identify the Demodex.
  2. Stool and blood for the detection of helminths.
  3. Bacteriological culture to identify the pathogen.
  4. Blood test for sterility.

You may need consultations of related specialists (e.g., immunologist, ENT, endocrinologist).

So, what do you need in order to quickly to treat a stye at home? In General, the standard scheme of treatment of barley includes antibiotic drops and antibiotic ointment. In complicated cases, the ophthalmologist prescribes antibiotics for oral administration. If purulent the bubble revealed itself, produce an opening in a medical facility.

Eye drops with an antibiotic designed to fight microorganisms and prevent the spread of the process. The most effective :

Eye ointments with antibiotics perform a similar task, but is intended for use at night, as to degrade the quality of vision. Best for fast treatment:

Ointments made lay for the night, and the drops dripped in the eye, 3-6 times a day. Respectively drops work day, and ointment at night, which contributes to the rapid recovery at home.

The duration of treatment to completely get rid of the disease is 5-7 days, symptoms will start to decrease after 1-2 days after initiation of antibiotic therapy. In any case do not interrupt the use of drugs after the reduction of symptoms, stick to treatment time appointed expert.

Traditional methods in the treatment of stye, too, can show positive results, but they are only auxiliary. Of paramount importance is the use of antibiotics (drops or ointment).

Consider popular recipes for the relief of symptoms that you can do yourself at home:

  1. Hurry, using this tool because it is effective only at the initial stage of the disease . Then the affected area warm is absolutely impossible! To cook a hard boiled egg. Not cooling and not cleaning it, put it in a handkerchief (or any other clean cloth), attach the eye until it becomes cold.
  2. – popular for its soothing, antiseptic and cleansing effect on the body. Therefore, herbalists recommend the use of this plant for the rapid elimination of emerging barley. A tablespoon with a slide of dry raw pour boiling water and infuse for half an hour, wrapped a woolen scarf. Then strain, resulting in the infusion moisten a cotton pad and apply to affected area. Repeat a few times.
  3. attach to the sore spot. You can use espitia tea bags.
  4. pour a glass of boiling water, cooling and lotions do often as needed until relieved.
  5. : herb psyllium (3 tablespoons), pour a glass of boiling water. To wrap up, let it brew, strain. Applied to the affected eye 4-6 times a day.
  6. To cure a sty, folk remedies recommend the use . The leaves are medium sized chop and pour cold boiled water (200 grams). A day can be applied in the form of lotions.

Remember that to treat barley just these means still not worth it as any . Preparing folk remedies, it is necessary to clearly observe all the proportions of the ingredients in their composition to ensure complete sterility of all procedures.

When you have a stye, then quickly get rid of the disease adhere to certain rules. At this illness categorically :

  1. Scratching eyes with dirty hands (and even scratching).
  2. To wear contact lenses.
  3. To use cosmetics.
  4. To seal the plaster.
  5. Warm up with tugging sensations in the area of century.
  6. It is better not to warm ripening barley warm salt, tea package and so on. Heat treatment can contribute to the breakout of pus-ripened barley is not outside, but in the opposite direction, and, accordingly, the development of sepsis.
  7. Pierce the stye with a needle to open in any other way without a doctor.

Remember, to cure a stye, causes of which are rooted in the condition of your body, folk remedies is not sufficient: in any case, you should consult a doctor to avoid complications.

To prevent formation of stye it is very important not SuperCool, never use someone else’s makeup, do not RUB eyes with dirty hands and keep a sterile clean contact lenses. When the stye to protect others from infection, for the entire period of disease should use only personal towel and separate utensils.