Looks like burn from the sun on hand

Being in the sun, both adults and children can get sunburned. Ultraviolet radiation damages the skin, causing it becomes red, inflamed and sore. Prolonged exposure to the sun may even appear blisters, severe itching and peeling, increase the body temperature. What to do if burned in the sun, and how to get rid of the burn by the sun at different stages?

Before the direct rays of ultraviolet light human skin is not adequately protected. Sunburn of the face and body often get people who have pale skin, children, people that are rarely in the sun and suffering from skin diseases. The inhabitants of the countries close to the equator have stronger natural protection against such burns due to more dark skin color. The hue of the skin depends on the amount of melanin in the skin cells, the pigment responsible for the natural color.

The body in response to sun exposure begins to actively produce melanin and darkens the skin — tans. It is a kind of protection from aggressive UV exposure. So the burns are more often in those people who have bad tan due to the low concentration of melanin in the skin. But light-skinned and fair-haired people are not the only ones suffering from the harmful effects of the sun. Dark-haired people can also get sunburn, only will it take them to stay longer in the sun. Burns from the sun are equally dangerous for everyone.

The first burn delicate areas of the body, especially the face. Therefore, it is important to know what to do if the face is burnt off in the sun, what will be the first aid for sunburn, is it possible just to get rid of the burn until the blisters?

After people spent under the sun a long time, and his skin became red, the first thing to remove inflammation in the skin. Due to overheating of the skin can reflex to rise the body temperature, therefore should reduce or knock it. Tissue affected by the burn, immediately dehydrated, I also need to fight. When cooling and humidifying the affected areas of the tissue decreases pain, going swelling. Treatment of sunburn is to eliminate redness and prevent the appearance of blisters and pigmentation.

There are three main rules that should be remembered in the treatment of sunburn:

  1. Burnt skin vulnerable to bacteria and need to avoid infection and development of septic complications of burn.
  2. The pain can be removed simply cooling the skin surface.
  3. The epidermis quickly dies and peels off, to avoid this, wipe the red in places with a weak solution of aloe and vitamin E. If a first-degree burn, the affected skin deep, in this case, it can be rather soft moisturizer.

Burns from the sun in the second degree requires a deeper intervention and a longer recovery.

People rarely go to the doctor, especially for sunburn, believing that a home treatment will suffice. But before to treat sunburn at home, it is better to consult a specialist to talk about the recovery of the skin after sun burn and advise on effective drugs.
It is recommended during the treatment to observe the following rules:

  1. The skin should not be under the rays of the sun, x-irradiation, warm or cold;
  2. Need to treat the skin with special anti-sprays not less than 3 times a day;
  3. You cannot enter intravenous antipyretics or painkillers, so as not to provoke an allergic reaction;
  4. You can apply inside vitamin E, it improves the regeneration of tissues;
  5. The affected skin dry quickly, so you should drink at least 2.5 liters of water, in order not to suffer from dehydration. In pharmacy soothing ointment, and a solution of aloe extract. If home treatment is not recommended the simultaneous use of multiple drugs, it loads the skin, can clog pores and cause complications.

In case of severe sunburn, for example, if a person fell asleep in the sun, you should do the following:

  • apply on the body, wet compresses or take a cool bath, but the water should be cool, not cold;
  • apply to affected areas with the gel against burns 1% hydrocortisone cream from sunburn or spray, soothing irritated skin, helps panthenol;
  • you can take ibuprofen or aspirin to eliminate severe pain;
  • with the rise in body temperature can be taken antipyretic drugs;
  • to prevent infection can lubricate the burnt skin ointment containing antibiotic.

Step 1: an urgent Need to get away from the sun.

Step 2: a Cool shower (15-20 minutes) will help to soothe the skin, reduce the pain of burns. To prevent the occurrence of blisters apply a cold compress from the infusion of chamomile and strong brewed tea. If not in stock no sedatives, then the usual cold water soaked towel for a while to soothe the skin. In bath you can add starch, sea salt, but it should take no longer than 10 min as needed, repeat these procedures two or three times a day.

Step 3: If burned skin, you can lubricate it with a thin layer of 1% hydrocortisone cream or a layer of juice of fresh leaves of aloe also aloe extract in ampoules can be purchased at the pharmacy. The solution reduces pain, restores damaged skin cells.

Step 4: For the relief of pain an adult can take pain medications. Children up to 15 years acetylsalicylic acid to give it is forbidden; instead, when a critical situation you can give ibuprofen or acetaminophen in a dose appropriate to the age.

Step 5: do Not touch the bubbles, if the bubble was opened, on the burned surface apply a topical antibiotic cream.

Step 6: Moisture evaporates actively using the affected skin, so you need to stay hydrated to drink and moisten the burnt places.

But also there is something with sunburn should not do.

  • It is forbidden to smear damaged skin ointments and gels based on petroleum jelly containing benzocaine (benzocaine) or lidocaine; oils from the sun. Tools such as symptoms of sunburn only aggravate and slow down the healing.
  • Burned skin can not be washed with scrub, it injures the skin and can cause a infection.

A person suffering from a sunburn the most, with burns on the face to sid characteristics of the skin is not always noticeable. The face is exposed to the sun all the time, and often the only manifestations of sunburn on face are the swelling and redness. Burns on the face are visible and tangible only in the last stages, when the tissue is deeply affected.

If burned face, but the burn is minor, you must use a remedy for sunburns even if only as a prophylaxis to prevent subsequent peeling of the skin, early skin aging, the expansion of subcutaneous capillaries. If it is pale, you should apply a strong and reliable means.

The treatment should start immediately after the appearance of redness or discomfort. In the absence of proper timely treatment at the burn scars remain in the form of spots that may not be years. Usually, these spots stay in place blowing bubbles. In some cases, consequences of burns the sun has to be removed with a cosmetic laser.
If the skin some time after exposure to the sun there is swelling, it speaks to a deep sunburn. In this case, need immediate medical attention, severe burns with swelling of the skin is almost always accompanied by complications. Difficult restoration of the skin, the healing process is delayed, remain unsightly spots, less scars.

Usually, a sunburn in a child is not immediately. Only a few hours after contact with sunlight, the baby’s skin becomes reddish, feels hot and dry, starts to hurt, peel off and itch. Deteriorating mood and overall well-being of the child, he becomes a whiny might experience nausea and a fever. To the touch you can feel the swelling of the skin of the burn.

Discomfort and redness are 2-3 days, depending on the depth of the lesion burn, as well as the quality of treatment, a full recovery of the skin after burn can last up to 7-10 days.

The child has a second-degree burn occurs faster than in an adult because the skin is more delicate and vulnerable, so blisters also appear faster. When the sun burn of second degree rapidly deteriorating health, a fever, a headache, nausea, may be vomiting and drowsiness. Burn shock from the sun in childhood, the phenomenon frequent enough, it is manifested by pallor, weakness, may result in loss of consciousness. After burns of the second degree to require about one month for full recovery.

What to do if burned in the sun child, what actions can I take first aid? First of all you need to remember:

1. Take the child indoors or shade.
2. You should immediately seek medical help if:

  • a child under the age of three, his skin is very delicate, and the body is weakened;
  • body temperature above 38.5°C, toddler cold;
  • a child worried about dizziness, severe pain;
  • on the face and hands were swelling;
  • second-degree burns, have blisters;
  • first degree burns which cover more than half the body surface;
  • there are signs of infection in burnt areas, blisters abscess;
  • concerned about the lethargy, deterioration of health, nausea or vomiting;
  • the child lost consciousness.

3. If a child received a minor sunburn, you can give him first aid on their own, and then visit the doctor:

  • You need to maintain the water balance of the skin, as the damaged tissue shrinks, flakes. Lotions with cool water eases the pain. Can be put on the shoulders of the child soaked in cool water, you can even wrap it in a wet towel. To avoid hypothermia, the procedure is repeated every half hour.
  • You can treat the burned areas of the body of the child, the medicinal ointments, but you need to remember that some tools are not appropriate for baby’s skin.
  • You should give the child a lot to drink: water without impurities, weak tea, juice.
  • If the baby is sick, it needs to be flipped on its right side.

The skin of young children is thin, very fragile, so kids need to be protected from direct sunlight, wear closed clothes made of light fabric, walking in the morning or evening, if necessary, to use sunscreen.

Folk remedies that contain natural ingredients, natural antibiotics, can ease inflammation in the early stages, to calm and cool the skin, giving the cells adequate flow of vitamins and oxygen. Treatment of sunburn the person at home can be carried out by using the following available tools:

  • Sour milk, sour milk, sour cream is indispensable for any type of burn, if you do not know that helps burn of the medications. Dairy product quickly relieves the discomfort, it is sufficient to treat the damaged areas of skin so often that the tool does not have time to dry completely. After pain and swelling subsides, you can wash off the milk cool but not cold water.
  • Aloe Vera juice without additives has a great soothing and healing properties, wonderful relieves irritation and dryness of the skin, without tightness. Juice in pure form to apply to large areas of skin is undesirable, it is necessary to dilute it in equal proportions with water. For the treatment of sunburn apply impregnated cloth to the sore places 2 times a day for an hour, periodically moisten the cloth with a solution.
  • The tubers can be used in the form of juice or pulp. Raw potato is rubbed into the grater and then into a separate container pressed juice. The skin is lubricated with the slurry or juice can on top of apply the compress. Also quite effective cream based on boiled potatoes: boil the potatoes in their skins, cleaned, and then mash to puree. These mashed potatoes are mixed with any dairy product, is applied for 15 minutes on the face in the form of heat.
  • The camomile. A decoction of chamomile has a calming effect and soothes the pain. Need pour 1 tbsp. dry raw materials Cup of boiling water, let stand half an hour. Wait until the infusion has cooled, then make a compress, applying soaked gauze to the burn skin.
  • St. John’s wort. There are popular folk remedies for burns with blisters on the basis of St. John’s wort is particularly effective broth. Cup of boiling water poured a tablespoon of raw, infused for about 20 min, and filtered. Soaked in broth with a cotton swab superimposed on the affected burn areas.
  • Oak. A decoction of oak bark also helps with sunburn. Three tablespoons of oak bark pour a glass of ordinary water, put on fire, brought to a boil, and infuse for about half an hour. The cooled decoction used as a compress and wipe.
  • Calendula. A compress of marigold flowers relieves pain and soothes inflammation. To cook tablespoon calendula pour a glass of hot water, infused for 20 minutes. Such a compress is applied three times a day for half an hour.
  • Tea infusions. If there is no suitable grass from above, than to anoint the burn, you can use ordinary black tea. To start, brew a tea: pour a tea spoon of tea with quarter Cup of boiling water, leave for half an hour and strain. Dampen a tea towel and wrap it like a bandage affected area of the skin for 20 minutes. Repeat three times a day.
  • Sauerkraut. Cold sauerkraut is superimposed on the burned area for half an hour. If you do not have sauerkraut, you can apply a fresh cabbage leaf. Cabbage has a high regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. The procedure should be repeated three times a day.