Treatment of second-degree burn

The burn of 2 degrees — regarded as sufficiently serious household injury that requires medical care. What features are characteristic for this damage, and how to treat a burn of 2 degrees.

Second-degree burns represent damage to the skin and mucous membranes due to thermal or chemical exposure. This injury may be characterized by lesions of epidermis and dermis, the stratum corneum, as well as a violation of capillary permeability and damage to the nerve endings.

The integrity of the germ layer of the skin when the lesion is not broken, which allows the tissue to self-regenerate. With proper timely assist can cure the trauma without the risks of formation of scar formations.

To a second-degree burn is possible when exposed to high temperatures (exposed skin of boiling water, contact with hot objects), ionizing radiation, electric current. Cause injury can and various chemicals, many of which are widely used in everyday life.

Second degree burn is characterized by redness, reddening and education in the area of injured skin of a large number of specific vesicles with translucent liquid contents. Looks like a burn of 2 degrees, you can see in the photo.

After the bubbles burst, the injury formed a small wound, healing which can take about 1.5-2 weeks. Experts have identified the following main clinical symptoms associated with the burn of 2 degrees:

  • Redness;
  • Swelling;
  • Strong painful sensations;
  • Bubble formation;
  • Hypersensitivity.

Immediately go to the hospital is necessary in cases, when is damaged an extensive area of the skin or there is too many blisters and bubbles!

Second-degree burns fairly easily diagnosed because of its specific symptoms. The presence of specific bladder and reddened skin will allow an experienced technician to determine the severity of the lesion. More attention is paid to the area of burn surface, since the defeat of more than 5% of the body, the victim required hospitalization, due to the high risk of burn disease and shock.

Hospitalitynet children with a damage degree of 2% and individuals who received lesions of the perineal region, the upper respiratory tract.

First aid for burns 2 degrees starts with the fact that the victim is isolated from the source of damage, carefully removed from the affected area of clothing, providing free access. This manipulation reduces the impact indicators on the wound surface, reduces the risk of development of opportunistic complications.

Competent first aid in case of burns of the 2nd degree involves cooling the injured area of the body by placing it under cool water or application of cold (but not icy!) compress.

Open blisters immediately after the injury is absolutely contraindicated! This procedure can only be carried out after two days.

It is further assumed treatment of injured skin with antiseptic solutions (Chlorhexidine, a weak solution of potassium permanganate). In severe pain give the patient a pill of drug, which has analgesic effect.

It is important that the victim drank a lot, because the fluid volume normalizes blood circulation and helps to get rid of puffiness. Finally, the treated area applied with sterile or antiseptic dressing.

How to treat burns at 2 degrees in each case, best to tell the doctor. The victim is strongly advised to deliver in hospital, especially if there is a large number of blisters, extensive lesions, pronounced pain syndrome, or we are talking about a small child.

Sometimes the surrounding good intentions, because of their ignorance, causing the victim serious harm. So you need to know what not to do during pregnancy:

  1. Try to open the blisters;
  2. Handle the injured area with iodine, alcohol solutions, oils or sour cream;
  3. Applying heating pads and ice packs to the area of damage;
  4. To do the washing of dirty water, to touch the wound with your hands.

Such actions can lead to the aggravation of the situation, the deterioration of the General condition of the victim and increase the burn area!

Treatment of burns of 2nd degree, with minor areas of damage (5%) requires regular changing of sterile dressings and application of external medicines, promoting regeneration, healing and recovery of damaged tissues.

When dressings need to adhere to the rule of sterility and be very careful. In that case, if bintawa or gauze fabric stick to the wound surface, you need to soak them in peroxide solution and carefully remove, and not to take “to live”.

Than to treat the injury? To choose the right drug to the patient will help the doctor. Good therapeutic effect is the reception Dermazin, Panthenol, Olusola. To treat a burn it 2-3 times throughout the day, carefully applying the medicine on dry skin.

Severe pain in the first days the patient may be prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Drug treatment involves the use of antihistamines, the stuff that contribute to the thinning of the blood. They should take only on the advice of the doctor strictly adhering to the prescribed dosage and dosage regimen.

Formed on the skin by eliminate the blisters opening. This manipulation is done in a sterile hospital environment. The region of the bladder and surrounding skin are treated with antiseptics, and then pierce the blister with a sterile needle. Oozing liquid is removed with tissues, the pellicle is removed with special forceps.

Doctors categorically do not recommend to do the autopsy of burn blisters yourself, as this carries a high risk of infection and development of multiple complications.

However, if after the removal of bubbles in the home he showed such alarming symptoms, such as swelling, severe pain, fever, purulent discharge, you should seek medical help urgently!

Treatment of second-degree burn after dissection of the bladder is carried out by standard methods, including the use of medicinal ointments and gels, ligation. Heal burns, in case of observance of all rules and lack of associated complications, for 2-3 weeks.

Burn 2nd degree — injury, requiring serious and careful treatment, because the tissue damage is deep enough. It is important to provide the victim the right aid and show it to a specialist. Treatment of 2nd degree burns at home — perhaps with a little burn damage, includes methods of medical treatment, the imposition of sterile dressings and strict compliance with medical recommendations!