What kind of doctor treats barley?

There are two forms of pathology:

  • Outer. Is a lesion on the type of abscess on the outer edge of the century. Infected with the surrounding tissue.
  • Internal. Is characterized by inflammation of the meibomian glands on the inner side of the eyelid. These entities are responsible for maintaining moisture of the eye, so their defeat is dangerous to the development of chalazion.

A professional will help to get rid of stye ophthalmic physician profile. In this pathology attempts to treat people’s means can lead to spread of infection beyond the hearth and the emergence of many threat of complications. This is especially true of children who have not fully formed immune system.

The cause of the disease is a bacterial infection, which means that it is characterized by the presence of purulent secretions. In the vast majority of cases the pathology provokes Staphylococcus aureus, which refers to conditionally pathogenic flora, causing no problems in healthy people. Therefore, to know what kind of doctor treats barley, is not always sufficient for a full recovery because of the presence of comorbidities.

The doctors there are the following predisposing factors for occurrence of barley:

  • the presence of chronic blepharitis;
  • a sharp drop in immunity due to various reasons;
  • the presence of foci of chronic staphylococcal infection (often in the tonsils or ears);
  • long-term use of antibiotics, glucocorticoids, cytotoxic drugs and other agents that affect the body’s resistance to infections.

To treat a stye, you can go to the doctor not only ophthalmology, but also to the allied professionals issued the direction. Most often the patient required the assistance of an ENT specialist, sometimes he consults the immunologist. For successful recovery, people should strictly follow the recommendations of the qualified experts, otherwise acute purulent process develop into chronic and negative impact on the organism as a whole.

Before I can think, to what doctor to address, patients must be able at least approximately to distinguish barley from other diseases. If you are not sure in the origin and type of disease should go to the therapist, who will issue a direction to the right doctor.

  • pain in the affected area and surrounding tissues;
  • redness and pronounced swelling of the eyelid (sometimes to such an extent that eyes are almost not open);
  • itching and burning;
  • the increase of the nearest lymph nodes;
  • the feeling of sand in the eyes (or any other foreign body);
  • increased lacrimation or on the contrary excessive dryness of the eyes (depends on the type of disease).

Hordeolum externum is characterized by the presence of the ulcer with clear contours in the region of the eyelashes. When you click on it there is increased local temperature. When the ophthalmologist will examine the eyes, he immediately will detect the presence of symptom fluctuations, which would indicate the spread and threat of injury of adjacent organs and tissues.

Internal stye is characterized by a more severe clinical picture, but visually people can only see inflamed skin. To detect the source of infection, you should turn the upper eyelid. Usually, a person generates only one barley, but there may be multiple lesions of the eye in immunocompromised patients or patients with diabetes.

At the first signs of the pathological process in the eyes, you should go to the ophthalmologist. After the doctor will examine the stye, it will define medical tactics. It may include only conservative methods, but sometimes requires opening of the abscess, which will greatly facilitate the General condition of the patient and will reduce pain. In any case it is impossible to carry out manipulation in the home, as the risk of the infection spreading throughout the organ and even the neighboring structures.

Treatment of barley at the doctor includes:

  • Antibiotics. Selected depending on the etiology of the infection and are accepted as systematic and local way.
  • Adjuvants. When the infectious process is already available, it is best to use the means of passive immunization. Thus, the physician helps a person recover faster and prevent complications.
  • The local funds. For the treatment of barley doctor uses ointment and various drops anti-inflammatory nature. They help to quickly get rid of the symptoms of inflammation and contribute to the opening of the abscess. In addition, such tools often contain antibiotics to direct effects on the pathogen.
  • Physiotherapy activities. Used only in the case of chronic infections in moments of remission.

Usually barley go to the doctor already at the stage of complications, as long time trying to cope with the pathology of folk remedies. This attitude to the problem can lead to the fact that the process becomes chronic and constantly degrades the quality of human life.

The child has a stye heals pediatric ophthalmology profile. Features of this pathology in children is that pathology is not right, and the kids have dirty hands spread infection in both eyes. In children, the barley is often complicated by conjunctivitis, so treatment from a doctor to start as early as possible. Feature of therapy is the antibiotic selection, since not every medication is allowed to a child. The doctor also needs to pay attention to allergic reaction and always carry out a skin test Antibacterials.

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