Diabetes treatment abroad

Endocrine diseases and diabetes in particular are a serious problem. Today there are over 250 million diabetics and the number continues to grow every year.

Issues of treatment and prevention of diabetes by scientists of all countries. The disease ranks 3rd for the number of deaths and ranks with cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

In developed countries, specialists provide expert care to patients, so thousands of diabetics from Russia and abroad go for treatment abroad.

The availability of modern diagnostic equipment in clinics enables you to quickly and easily determine the glycemic profile of the patient’s sensitivity to glucose-lowering drugs.

An important component of the diagnosis of diabetes abroad is to determine the state of organs, which are most often “hit” diabetes. The studies used Doppler scanning of vessels of micro – and microcirkulatornogo channel, as well as other methods of diagnosis.

Diabetes treatment abroad is carried out using the latest medicines, physiotherapy, surgery and complementary techniques of alternative medicine. The patient is watching a group of specialists – a cardiologist, endocrinologist, micro surgeon, nutritionist, physiotherapist, ophthalmologist, nephrologist, etc.

The basic program of treatment for diabetes type 2 diabetes aims to determine the state of the pancreas and its functioning, and to identify complications of the disease.

  • Blood tests (General, biochemistry, hemoglobin, etc.) and urine – about 960$.
  • Expert advice from $ 450.
  • Electromyography of the lower extremities, from $ 680.
  • Doppler scanning from 490$.

Treatment of diabetes in Israel is an integrated programme of medical procedures and research, including an accurate diagnosis and individual therapy (diet, disease control, exercise, medications, physical therapy).

One of the places abroad where diabetic will help you feel better and begin a healthy lifestyle are the Dead sea, where the local clinic has developed effective treatment programs against diabetes.

One of the main curative factors here is the mineral mud used in wraps and sea water. Such procedures improve metabolism in the body and have a positive effect on endocrine glands.

Recent diabetes treatment abroad is becoming increasingly popular. The quality of medicine abroad is at the highest level and the best clinics of France, Switzerland and England successfully compete with the most severe and incurable diseases, including diabetes.

Among European countries in the field of treatment of diabetes are considered to be the best clinics and health resorts of Germany and Czech Republic.

Qualified medical support from Germany helps to alleviate diabetes and prevent development of its complications. The use of advanced treatment methods is able to significantly slow down and even stop the disease.

Many German hospitals offer additional methods to improve the condition of diabetics, treatment of obesity, hypertension, diabetic foot syndrome etc.

  • Drug therapy.
  • A therapeutic diet.
  • Herbal medicine.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Immunotherapy.
  • The use of stem cells.
  • Extracorporeal blood.
  • Physiotherapy (electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, cryotherapy, acupuncture etc.).
  • Surgical treatment (transplantation of tissues of the pancreas, cells of the islets of Langerhans).

The cost of treatment in hospitals in Germany patients cost 2 million euros. More detailed prices are listed on the websites of clinics, the total cost consists of scheduled treatments and the time of stay in the hospital.

Practice has shown that the treatment of diseases of the endocrine nature in the Czech Republic gives a positive result and significantly improves the patient’s condition.

Czech specialists use traditional clinical treatments of diabetes mellitus 1 and 2 type, and the author’s methods, representing a complex of traditional and alternative medicine.

In health resorts of the Czech Republic as additional therapy resources are used by the famous mineral springs, recognized as one of the most healthful in the world.

Karlovy vary is famous for its centuries-old traditions in the treatment of diabetes of any type and its consequences.

  • Oxygen therapy.
  • Massage (classical and alternative).
  • Galvanic baths.
  • Wraps mud and more.

For each patient can be provided with an individual scheme of treatment and prevention of diabetes.

It should be noted that in the Czech Spa town of Karlovy vary developed advanced methods of treatment of child diabetes, which are considered the best abroad.

According to the Indian doctors, the number of diabetics by 2025 will amount to 57 million diabetes have become the main health problem of the nation. Today, India is one of the leading countries in the number of people suffering from diabetes. At last count, the country is home to more than 30 million patients with type 1 diabetes. Features of Indian medicine→

The Czech resort city of Karlovy vary was established about 6 centuries ago and during all the years of existence has accepted more than 6 million patients. He is considered one of the most famous not only in the Czech Republic, but all over the world.

Today Karlovy vary is a resort with upscale hotels, sanatoriums and boarding houses. Most of the staff of local hotels and hospitals knows Russian language. The cost of treatment in Karlovy vary→

Medicine in South Korea rapidly evolving, constantly using innovative methods of treatment and diagnosis, and inventing new drugs. Many public hospitals are in close cooperation with research institutes and well sponsored by the government. Browse Korean clinics→

Chinese clinic is getting more popular among patients from other countries. Treatment of diabetes is one of the most popular services in China.

Local doctors use all possibilities of modern medicine, including traditional Chinese ways. The Chinese clinics, and the cost of services→

In clinics in Germany to the question of the treatment of diabetes approach a complex – used both traditional methods and the latest methods of treatment and diagnostics.

Drug therapy is based on the use of medicines that lower the level of sugar in the blood of the patient. The drug is often insulin and similar medications. Learn more →

Israeli medicine is considered one of the best in the world. Patients who can not afford expensive treatment, you always want to get to the doctors of this country.

In Israel, people with diabetes, see a couple of specialists: a nutritionist, an endocrinologist, micro surgeon, cardiologist, physical therapist and others. Find out the cost and reviews →