The causes of colds acne and their treatment

On the skin different parts of the human body often formed the so-called cold spots, most frequently on the face and shoulder girdle. And this is understandable – it is these areas of the body most often exposed to the attacks of various drafts and hypothermia.

The autumn and spring periods of the year almost always provoke people like “jewelry” on the skin. To struggle with it it is possible independently.

Photo 2 — Cold pimples on shoulders

Experts the interrelation of pimples on the face, nose, and other parts of the body with the following root causes and aggravating factors:

  1. A variety of respiratory and rhinovirus infection. Photo 3 — the Cause of acne on the face can be Roto-viral infection
  2. Pathology of the endocrine glands: expert after the examination to establish the root cause and tell you what to treat. Photo 4 — the Cause of acne on the face can be pathology of the endocrine glands
  3. Disorders of gastrointestinal tract – how to treat tell the gastroenterologist. Photo 5 — the Reason of acne on face there may be problems with the gastrointestinal tract
  4. Inflammatory manifestations in the gynecological field in women that definitely require treatment by a specialist of the corresponding profile. Photo 6 — the Cause of acne on the face can inflammation in gynecology
  5. Reduced immune barriers of the body – the reasons are many, not necessarily immediately suspect the worst. Photo 7 — the Cause of acne on the face can be a weakened immune system
  6. General severe somatic pathology affecting the dermatological sphere of people. Photo 8 — the Cause of acne on the face can be somatic patologii
  7. Psycho – emotional and physical stress. Photo 9 — the Cause of acne on the face can be stressful
  8. Chronic rash. Photo 10 — the Cause of acne on the face can be lack of sleep

The relationship of the listed trigger factors and root causes with the occurrence of cold spots — on the face.

Attention! In order to deal with the causes of acne will help specialist. After all, under the mask of acne can hide other dermatological and infectious diseases, allergies, dermatitis, infections.

To provoke the emergence of acne may colds many reasons. The location can be judged on their nature.

Colds acne often choose the place of the appearance of the skin, but at risk and other parts of the human body. The most favourite habitat is on the face or nose. After all, there is a large number of pores and skin has higher fat content.

After exposure, especially if the pre-people sweat, for some individual reason, colds zit appears almost instantly.

Cold pimple on my chin formed, usually due to infectious agents that have penetrated under the epidermis, as well as due to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. To provoke trouble may also cosmetics, or individual features of the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Photo 12 — pimples on the chin

Skin lesions acne above the eyebrow indicates the imbalance in the gut, and chronic intoxication. On the border of the lips – frequent human presence the biting wind, or the tendency to catch a cold.

Often colds pimple can occur at the ear and in the ear passage is not too pleasant, especially in hot weather.

Photo 13 — Pimples above the eyebrows Photos 14 — Pimples on the corners of the lips Photos 15 — Pimples in ears

Many are interested in the question how to get rid of cold ugly pimples in a short time frame and without the unpleasant moments – unsightly pigmented lesions on the face.

Knowing the propensity for emergence of such “decorations”, for example, after a visit to the fitness center, or sauna should take particular caution to carefully bundle up, and take courses complex vitamins.

Photo 16 — Complex vitamins will help to protect yourself from colds and acne

The main focus in the treatment of catarrhal pimples on the face – a single-point external operations of the various funds:

  1. Effective means and today remains a historic drug in liquid form iodine. It has an antiseptic effect on the skin and dries the crust of acne and activates its early maturation. Photo 17 — the Iodine helps to cure cold pimples

Attention! With the use of iodine need to be careful because over-applying it will result in a drug burn. And one of the properties of iodine is its tanning function, which if improperly applied can lead to the formation of subcutaneous pimple due to the solidification of the crust on top of the pimple and the inability of outflow purulent bacterial content.

  1. If the established root cause of cold pimple is recognized as herpes infection relief will render the antiviral drug “Acyclovir”. Photo 18 — acyclovir, an antiviral drug
  2. If colds acne located deep in the skin tissue, and prone to suppuration makes sense to impose Vishnevsky ointment, or Ichthyol liniment. Photo 19 — Ichthyol Liniment helps deep acne
  3. Aloe – perfect for lovers of natural medicine and has no complicated colds pimples. A similar effect have chamomile, celandine, calendula. You can freeze broth cubes and gently wipe affected skin. Photo 20 — Aloe — good folk remedy against acne

After colds is not aesthetic acne left face, that is, after his purification, they can leave unpleasant phenomenon, sores, spots. Some people after they have scratched a pimple there are now a variety of ailments.

In order to in a tight time frame to get rid of sores after facial acne experts advised to perform a simple manipulation to cause various natural nourishing mask:

  1. Mask of cocoa butter – essential oils accelerate the process of regeneration and renewing of the protective effects of the skin. Photo 23 — the Mask of cocoa butter
  2. How to remove unsightly facial spots after acne knew and folk healers – they advised the use of onion mask. The juice of the grated onion mixed with olive oil and the resulting texture rubbing the area. Photo 24 — the Onion mask helps from spots after acne
  3. Helps quickly get rid of individual spots after inflammatory acne ointment contractubex. It is available in the pharmacy for the price and hypoallergenic. Photo 25 — Contractubex Ointment
  4. Also help the mask of badyagi, or mummies. This centuries-tested methods tell you how to get rid of the ugly spots after acne in many advice of traditional healers. Photo 26 — Badyaga Photo 27 — The Mummy

Colds pimples on the face – a rather unpleasant and unsightly phenomenon. It is possible to effectively cope on their own, without expensive cosmetic procedures.