The risk of chickenpox complications

Chicken pox – a disease that had almost every child. Usually it flows pretty easy, and most parents treat it as a harmless disease. But the complications can be quite serious. And it is necessary to know everyone in time to see a doctor to avoid serious consequences!

The causative agent of chickenpox is the kind of herpes virus. It is made from sick people by airborne droplets. The child is contagious during the entire period of the rash and for five days thereafter. One ill person gets lifelong immunity against chickenpox.

While the disease on the patient’s body appear small itchy blisters with clear liquid inside, slightly increases the temperature. This is the normal course of the disease.

Most chicken pox affects children in the age group of 2 to 12 years. From them it flows in the form of light, without high temperatures and abundant lesions. At the time of illness the child will be placed under quarantine, do not attend school and other public places.

However, if chicken pox infected kid at the age of one year, it can cause quite serious complications. Newborn for treatment must be placed under the supervision of specialists.

Children over the age of 15 in a period of hormonal changes as well as adults who have not had chicken pox in childhood are particularly difficult to tolerate chickenpox.

Chicken pox is extremely dangerous for pregnant women because the infection can pass to the developing fetus.

In each of these risk categories there is an increase in body temperature to 40°C, the formation of a large number vetranary bubbles.

Some complications may lead to death, so to treat chicken pox need only under the supervision of an experienced physician with the appointment of an individualized treatment plan.

Complications caused by chickenpox, can be divided into two types:

  • Viral – caused by a toxic effect of the causative agent. They are treated with antiviral drugs.
  • Bacterial infection an additional microbial infection when combing vetranary bubbles in the wound fall pathogens. To avoid such complications to help basic hygiene rules. Need to wash hands thoroughly before and after handling wounds, cut nails as short as possible. As soon as the temperature goes down, you are allowed to take a warm bath with the addition of a small amount of potassium permanganate or shower. After bathing the skin in any case, do not RUB with a towel – just lightly DAB the moisture.

The most common complication after a chicken pox scars and scars after scratching vetranary bubbles. In case of contact with sores bacteria from dirty hands, they become inflamed. For life is not dangerous, but the scar remains for life.

Sometimes when getting into vatrenooooo the wound of harmful bacteria (e.g., streptococci) can develop a fairly strong ulcers – abscesses, boils, streptoderma, cellulitis. They are characterized by large size (over 1 cm) and purulent contents. Boils are painful and leave deep ugly scars. To avoid such consequences, you need to follow the rules of hygiene.

In the area of risk are people with reduced immunity, chronic diseases or diabetes.

Pneumonia – the most common complication of chickenpox. First there is cough, shortness of breath, and then cyanosis of the skin and blood in the sputum.

When observing these symptoms, the patient needs to be hospitalized immediately. The risk of pulmonary edema and respiratory failure. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable, because it is necessary to determine the nature of the infection is viral or it is bacterial.

If the rash appeared on the larynx or in the mouth, it can spread to the internal respiratory system that may trigger the development of laryngitis or tracheitis. In this case the patient cough, chest pain and fever.

Bubbles in the mouth can develop into oral thrush, characterized by redness, burning and pain of the sores.

Encephalitis varicella characterized by high fever, vomiting, severe headaches, involuntary trembling of the limbs, unsteady gait and impaired consciousness. If you experience these symptoms, you need to consult a doctor.

The lethal outcome at veranichka encephalitis occurs in one in ten of the sick! And in 15% of cases develop consequences such as epilepsy, meningitis, inflammation of the optic nerve, polyneuritis or complications of the nervous system of different species.

While chickenpox in adults, there are consequences such as reactive arthritis is a temporary defeat of the joints, pain in the muscles. But as the skin clears, these symptoms pass.

Serious complications of chickenpox — diseases of the eye and even vision loss! To provoke such a disease can infection on the mucous membrane or the cornea of the eye.

The eyes become red, they appear sores, there is photophobia and involuntary tearing. The patient complains of a foreign body in the eye or see “floaters” in front of him.

The consequence of such complications may be the appearance of cataracts on the eye, reduced visual acuity or complete blindness! The best prevention of complications in the eyes with the varicella — hygiene!

If you fell ill with chickenpox boy or teenager, you should pay more attention to its manifestations, as it may complicate the sexual life of a young man in the future.

The appearance of bubbles on the genitals in men may lead to inflammation of the head of the penis. It all starts with a little redness, swelling and itching. Over time, painful sores, sometimes purulent discharge or pain during urination, fever up to 38 degrees. This most often takes place after recovery. On the delicate skin of the penis it is better to use fukortsin, instead of green stuff.

Girls and women can also be rashes on the external genitals, accompanied by the same symptoms as that of the men. In rare cases, fail cycle. Should observe hygiene and to treat ulcers to avoid serious consequences and discomfort.

Chickenpox in adulthood can lead to serious complications on the cardiovascular system. Patients develop myocarditis – inflammation of heart muscle, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness. Possible fever and pain in the chest, night – sweating. After 40 years, this complication may lead to death.

The virus of chickenpox insidious that affects not only the skin but also internal organs. If the defeat suffered the liver, the patient is observed yellowness of skin and whites of the eyes, dark urine, discoloration of feces. The temperature rises in the right upper quadrant felt the painful symptoms. Sometimes the liver lesion is detected only by laboratory tests.

Kidney disease leads to a nephritis, which usually manifests in the second week of the disease. He is accompanied by a rise in body temperature to 38-39 °C, vomiting, sharp pains in the abdomen and headache. Usually the severe consequences it causes and painful symptoms pass with time.

If the virus enters the bloodstream, it can cause the appearance of shingles, projecting in the neck, extremities and trunk. Most often, symptoms disappear after two weeks.

The virus spread to the lymph can cause inflammation of the lymph nodes.

A particularly insidious virus of chickenpox during pregnancy because it can affect the baby in the womb and cause brain damage and other developmental disorders. If the disease is in the first trimester, young mom, the doctor may recommend the termination of pregnancy.

If a woman fell ill in recent weeks before birth, the newborn may become infected when passing through birth canal. This will cause the congenital varicella, which can cause complication in the internal organs.

Another category of risk – children under one year. When the first symptoms of such kids need to see a doctor. Treatment should occur in hospital under the supervision of experts. On the handle kids need to wear knit gloves, so they are not scratching blisters and did not bring the infection.

Chickenpox occurs on the background of General decline in immunity, resulting in manifest complications. To strengthen the immune system need proper food and vitamins. After the disease in adolescents, children and adults can worsen chronic diseases. Often weakened body is attacked by other viruses and diseases.

At any age when the first signs of chickenpox should see a doctor. The specialist will assess the patient’s condition, recommend appropriate treatment. In case of deterioration of health during the period of the disease, it is necessary to call the ambulance to avoid serious consequences and death.