Lepidopterophobia, or a phobia of butterflies

The fear of butterflies is called lepidopterophobia. A large part of the population believes these creatures beautiful creatures, and some of these insects cause a panic attack. Lepidopterophobia is a rare disease but does exist and is found in nature.

Lepidopterophobia — fear of butterflies

There are many causes of phobias of butterflies. The most common of these is stress on a chronic basis, or anxiety. Do not forget about the big list of mental disorders that also can play an important role in the development of the disease are presented. Sometimes it is enough to hear a scary story, where the main characters will act as pollinators of flowers in a negative location. It can project the corresponding phobia.

Equally, parents may incorrectly presented information about butterflies to her baby, therefore the baby at the sight of an unknown insect can feed fear him. This fear may be on, even throughout life. It is necessary to tell Chad that butterflies do not carry any harm, and fear of them makes no sense. It is even possible to demonstrate to the child as a harmless insect, placing it on my finger.

To diagnose person has a fear of butterflies, it is enough to observe his behavior. Patients are often not susceptible to walks in the woods or meadows, because they avoid meetings with uncomfortable conditions. It is possible that in suburban areas they will have hard times.

Another indication that a person has a negative attitude towards these beings is the reluctance to enter them in tangential contact any part of the body.

The most severe form of the disease is the fear at the sight of the object. Discomfort can describe the desire to escape somewhere, if only the insect was not seen.

  • tremors;
  • dilated pupils;
  • sweating;
  • stiffness or reduced motor activity.

In order not to feel the discomfort of life in the form of butterflies, you need to get rid of this disease. To heal his arduous task, which can be solved independently and with medical assistance.

In both cases, the efficiency is quite high. The early result will be achieved if the man himself wants it and is willing to analyze the internal state on the subject of causes of phobias.

Dilated pupils are one of the symptoms of a phobia

Some fears make life difficult. This often leads to the limitation of any action in respect of something or someone. Tossing from side to side from your fear, because no one wants to experience discomfort, people are limited to visiting places where they can fluttering of a butterfly, or looking at images of insects. But to overcome this fear, you can use its causes. You can look at the pictures of insects, knowing that the image will not revive and will not harm. This is one of the first steps in dealing with his fear.

In the second phase of the struggle is to accustom ourselves to the fact that fear is a false phenomenon. If an object carrying a state of panic, sits on the arm, you should not immediately think that the situation is hopeless. Take a deep breath and try to take control of your emotions, proving to yourself that the creature is harmless. At first the task may seem overwhelming but don’t give up. With time everything will come, and you will see the desired result.

The butterfly is a harmless creature who can afford to sit on the arm

In an attempt to get rid of this problem, you can follow a few simple tips:

  • Continually sow positive emotions, because the more this “field” with a good charge, the less is left for everything bad, including fear. You can do the thing that brings fun in the process.
  • Friendship sports will help to build a good barrier against negative associations. When physical activity decreases the intensity of the phobia that is important in the occurrence of a panic condition.
  • Another component is communication with nice people, during which there is an exchange of positive emotions and a burst of energy. And you can also count on support from the interlocutor.
  • As a separate item — it’s still the assistance of a therapist who can professionally assess the problem, push on the right path and help to consolidate the new state. Not necessary to resort to this clause, but in this case, reliability is guaranteed.

Thus, lepidopterophobia to really overcome, just need to put in the required effort.