Diet after surgery appendicitis features menu for adults and children

If a person is diagnosed with “acute appendicitis”, the deletion shown in 100% of cases. No other method will not solve the problem. Science still has not established the purpose of the Appendix. It is also difficult to find the specific cause of the inflammation. People undergoing surgery require diet. What is shown diet after surgery appendicitis?

Conservative treatment of appendicitis does not exist. If there is inflammation, will need surgery. It is carried out only after accurately determine the diagnosis. Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, made everything quickly and efficiently. Our ancestors were deprived of such opportunity.

The operation can be planned or emergency. Depends on what stage of acquired inflammatory process in the Appendix. If there is a threat of peritonitis or sepsis, removal should begin as soon as possible.

Surgery (appendectomy) is performed in several stages:

  • The introduction of the patient in General anesthesia.
  • The product of the incision of the abdominal wall layer by layer.
  • Assessment and internal examination.
  • The immediate removal of the Appendix.
  • Stitching the resulting wound.

The duration of the process depends on the individual characteristics and the degree of neglect of the disease. In most cases it takes from 40 minutes to several hours.

Now there are alternative methods to conventional surgery. For example, laparoscopy, which is also performed under General anesthesia. Is that introduced into the abdominal cavity through three special puncture endoscopic instruments. Their diameter is not more than 1 cm With introduced camera the doctor controls the process on the monitor. Recovery is faster than recovery from traditional surgery.

Also the practice of transgastral appendectomy. The introduction of the instruments is carried out through the digestive tract. Through a small hole in the stomach the instrument reaches of the Appendix.

For women there is an option of transvaginal appendectomy. In this case, the introduction of instruments takes place through tiny incisions in the vaginal wall.

The choice of method of removal of the Appendix depends on indications and capabilities of a particular clinic. It is very important that medicine now allows operation with anesthesia and minimal risk.

Diet after surgery is also necessary, as a number of other rehabilitation measures. We need to help the body to recover, not loading. Thoughtful food after surgery for appendicitis helps to normalize the gastrointestinal tract. Food should not cause new damage, and to help to heal and regenerate.

It is necessary to achieve normalization of stool and easy of digestion, should take note of these recommendations:

  1. Choose such methods of thermal processing, such as boiling, steaming and roasting.
  2. No need to flavor foods with vegetable fats. They also irritate the intestines. After a while you can gradually add to the cooking butter.
  3. Eliminate foods that lead to increased flatulence.
  4. To avoid constipation, you need food rich in dietary fiber. With the same purpose, drink plenty of water.
  5. Overeating is impossible, food must be fractional, and the portions are small. Is to divide the diet into 5-6 receptions.
  6. The first time food make a mushy consistency. As the recovery, you need to grind less intensively.
  7. To products better absorb, 30 minutes before meals drink half a glass Cup of water. In order not to provoke fermentation, the liquid is better to drink after 60-90 minutes.
  8. Caution need to eat for the first week after appendectomy. This is the most difficult and responsible period.

After a serious operation only allowed to eat neutral foods. From them prepare a variety of dishes. Here is a sample list.

It is better to take rice, buckwheat and oatmeal. Boil them on water or with milk.

Suitable soups on water or vegetable broth. Give low-fat chicken broth. As ingredients take the potatoes, onions, pumpkin, carrots, zucchini, beets, some herbs. At first you should grind components blender to puree state.

You can boil or simmer the vegetables, making casseroles, pasta, steam omelets. Potatoes better not to get involved because it has a lot of starch.

Meat choose least fatty. An ideal variant – a rabbit or chicken without the skin. Lean fish, preferably sea hake, Pollack, perch. The meat should be small to chop or to make him burgers, meatballs.

Allowed in small quantities, but only yesterday.

The most useful thing to prefer yogurt or low-fat yogurt without sugar and synthetic additives.

Can eat strawberries, peaches, baked Apple. Choose berries and fruits with little sugar concentration.

Drink weak green tea, kissel, compote.

Indulge yourself with a little marshmallow or dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins).

Competent diet plays a major role on the way to recovery. Diet should follow a month after surgery. To normal power should return gradually.

After carrying out major surgery from some products will have some time off. This is necessary in order not to irritate the affected digestive system and adjust the chair.

Things to remember for some time:

From pepper and spices should refrain month. These ingredients irritate the intestines. Try not to salt food (or do it at a minimum) at least the first two weeks.

The bloating and gas results in the consumption of peas, beans and other legumes. The same problems cause the tomatoes. This will cause pain in the incision area.

Unsuitable food for the postoperative period. Heavy for digestion of a weakened organism. Sausage, salted fish, canned sausage, sausage is a bad choice.

These products not only have high fat content, but also many harmful additives and preservatives.

These drinks are composed of gas and lots of sugar. Will not be useful and concentrated juices and compotes. You should not take even sparkling mineral water.

Unacceptable drinking at least a month. Alcohol weakens the body and changes the blood clotting.

You cannot ignore the recommendations of the diet. Junk food will be a very long time to digest, to wander, which can cause the formation of suppuration, and seams can disperse. Alcohol increases the probability of opening of the bleeding and slow healing.

Diet after surgery appendicitis the first few days – a separate conversation. This is the most difficult period for patient recovery from anesthesia. First, there’s at all (first 12 hours), only allowed to wet my mouth with water.

If the condition has stabilized, after half of day and restore power in a decoction of rice or slightly sweetened fruit jelly. The next few days the food should be liquid and frayed. You can give the patient the following products: vegetable soup, a light chicken broth, unsweetened low fat yogurt, rice porridge on the water or grated egg.

First week after appendectomy include foods that enhance the stool and prevents constipation. The body needs fiber. Serves soups and porridge on water, boiled and stewed vegetables, baked fruit.

It is advisable not to limit themselves to the use of fluids to the fecal mass is not solidified. If there are no contraindications, you should drink up to 10 glasses.

Diet after surgery appendicitis a week is becoming more diverse. Patient pleasing light meat, fish, dairy products, porridge add a little butter. The better feel the patient is, the more diverse will be its menu.

Principles of child nutrition after surgery appendicitis are similar to the rules for adults. Usually, abstain from any food day. Next, give the child as crushed light meals.

It is very important that children do not overeat. The child may not understand how necessary restrictions and eat too much. For this you need to follow. Overeating is the main cause of the resumption of strong abdominal pain. It is very important to achieve a fractional power in small portions.

You can give Apple paste, vegetable purees, cooked shredded beets. Excellent healthy treat – banana. Not harmful and will delight children.

Take force proper handling of meat. Do not give whole pieces even boiled product. It is better to prepare steam cutlets or meatballs.

How much time diet child decides doctor. Much depends on the individual case, the presence or absence of adhesions. Parents should make every effort to ensure their child received the right processed foods. In no case do not succumb to the weakness to indulge the child delicious forbidden food.

After removal of the appendicitis the person wants as soon as possible to regain good health and their way of life.

To hasten the time of recovery need to follow a diet. And although it imposes restrictions on diet, proper nutrition is very important for recovery.

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