Diet after surgery for appendicitis

After surgery to remove acute appendicitis with peritonitis or without it, it is necessary to strictly follow a diet (in complex cases in the postoperative period requires special treatment, and there are more restrictions in the menu), and proper nutrition does not need to lose weight, and to the body quickly recovered and rehabilitation was easier.

One of the first questions asked by the doctor after the surgery: “How to eat or what diet you need to follow and how long it should last?”

Here you will read: what foods to eat and which are not; what are the recipes simple and delicious dishes that can be prepared; and also you will learn is nutrition after appendectomy in children and adults.

The diet lasts at least six months or two weeks, and in this case, if the operation for appendicitis was done on time without complications due to laparoscopy or the classical way. If appendicitis was already on stage destructive (phlegmonous, suppurative, gangrenous) or have been complicated by peritonitis, a special diet must adhere to at least a month, maybe more. A month to return to normal food should be gradually.

After surgery appendicitis it is important to know:

  • very useful to drink a lot of chamomile, which is also called natural antibiotic, with its antibacterial properties (especially after the removal of complicated appendicitis with peritonitis);
  • the food is better assimilated by the body and quickly digested, it should be warm, not too hot and not too cold;
  • the diet should be 5 – 6 times a day (it is necessary to eat often but small portions);
  • vegetables and meat can be steamed or boiled (in any case not fry)
  • the patient must drink plenty of fluids (about 2-2,5 liters a day, it can be non-carbonated pure water, herbal teas, fresh juices, compotes, tea);
  • food should not contain large amounts of salt and better to do it in the form of cereal (crushed in a blender, or rubbed through a grater), because such foods are quickly absorbed by the body and is rapidly excreted from the bowels, causing constipation;
  • should be excluded from the diet all products that contribute to increased flatulence which can be very sick and unable to leave the stitches (milk, legumes, peas, beans), vegetables high in fiber (cabbage, corn), anything that causes inflammation in the intestines (fried, sour, salty, smoked, spicy, marinated).

Immediately after the removal of appendicitis feed the patient or give him to drink, as within twelve hours, he departs from the anesthesia, you only need to moisten dry lips with lemon juice or water (not to eat or something to drink because the body is necessary to direct all forces on it to restore the inner wounds).

In the second half of the first day after appendectomy diet (table number 0) adult includes:

  • low-fat chicken broth (helps to relieve inflammation and rejuvenate);
  • app cookies (e.g. “Mary”);
  • fruit jelly;
  • weak tea (green or black) without sugar.

On the second and third day in the diet, if there is no complications after surgery for appendicitis, you can add:

  • mashed potatoes (without butter and milk);
  • vegetable soup (zucchini and pumpkin);
  • low-fat yogurt with no sugar;
  • a light soup or broth with greens (parsley or dill);
  • crackers;
  • puree diet meat (chicken, rabbit meat or meat of quails).

From the fourth day after surgical removal of acute appendicitis introduced:

  • porridge on the water (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal), a small piece of butter;
  • meat boiled diet – a small piece a day;
  • vegetables chopped cooked (beets, onions, carrots, potatoes, zucchini);
  • baked and boiled pumpkin (she needed in order to improve the metabolism and strengthen the immune system);
  • low-fat yogurt;
  • unsweetened low-fat cottage cheese;
  • cooked carrots or carrot puree;
  • compote of dried fruits;
  • baked apples;
  • broth hips;
  • lean boiled fish (pike).

Of sweets and fruit after surgery appendicitis can eat:

  • marshmallow;
  • dried fruit (prunes, apricots, dates and figs);
  • oranges;
  • tangerines;
  • strawberries or raspberries;
  • peach.

With care after appendectomy can be eaten:

After removal of appendicitis is very important to completely eliminate from the diet of both adults and children deep-fried food (pancakes, potatoes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc.), as well as the following products:

  • Salt;
  • Spices;
  • Black or red pepper;
  • Ketchup;
  • Sauce;
  • Hell;
  • Mustard;
  • Fatty fish (herring, salmon, mackerel);
  • Mushrooms;
  • Salted fish (herring, dried fish, taranka, etc.);
  • Fat or fatty meat;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Raw onions or garlic;
  • Beans, peas and other legumes;
  • Any canned food;
  • Soup;
  • Ear, and fish soup;
  • Milk home;
  • Fat cottage cheese;
  • Cheese;
  • Sausage cooked and smoked (including sausage);
  • Dumplings;
  • Carbonated water;
  • Fresh bread;
  • pasta;
  • Coffee;
  • Shrimp;
  • Rolls;
  • Chocolate;
  • Candy;
  • Jam;
  • Various pickles and marinades;
  • Pastries, cakes and other pastry;
  • Ice cream;
  • Condensed milk;
  • Grapes;
  • Very sweet fruits (grapes, peaches);
  • Persimmon;
  • Grenades;
  • Watermelon.

The following is a sample menu, which takes into account the useful nutrition in the postoperative period without adversely affecting the stomach, giving the person all the needed for quick recovery of the body vitamins and nutrients (especially good for the health of the patient after the treatment of appendicitis is affected by such foods as pumpkin, zucchini, chicken broth, decoction of chamomile, herbs).

A glass of tea without sugar with one cookie (eg. “Mary”)

A glass of light unsweetened tea, water or natural Apple juice

Low-fat chicken broth first. Bread can’t be eaten. You can replace it with a small amount of crackers.

Boiled rice or oatmeal in water without salt and oil in the second

Tea without sugar or fresh carrot juice in the third

A Cup of tea, decoction of chamomile, water or juice

A glass of low-fat yogurt with biscuits “Maria”

Oatmeal in unsalted water. It can be buckwheat, wheat or barley grits.

A glass of unsweetened tea with cookies app, you can also bran.

A glass of water or a little natural beet juice.

Soup on chicken broth. You can add a little grated potatoes and a small piece of meat, also chopped. Well add to the soup dill or parsley.

Crushed with a blender vegetable stew, you can put a small amount of potato, zucchini and a little meat diet.

A glass compote of dried fruits

Low-fat yogurt or fruit jelly homemade.

Rice, barley, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge welded on water without salt and without added oil.

Wheat porridge on the water without butter, you can add a little bit of salt.

You can cook in a cool 1 egg

Tea with crackers or biscuits with app no sugar added

Freshly squeezed Apple juice or tea with crackers

Chicken soup with greens or light soup

Boiled rice, a little salt

Fresh jelly made from fruit or yogurts

Porridge on the water boiled lean fish (e.g., hake)

You can also eat low-fat cottage cheese with yogurt.

Juice with cookies, pudding or yogurt

Vegetable puree of zucchini. You can prepare pumpkin or carrot puree.

Chicken cutlet on a pair or a piece of boiled meat.

Cup of yogurt or jelly

Braised vegetable stew, a slice of diet veal or rabbit meat.

Barley porridge on skim milk. You can add a little bit of oil.

Tea with cookies or crackers.

A casserole of cheese with the addition of carrots

Fruit jelly or stewed fruit

Chicken soup with vegetables and rice.

Pumpkin puree with fish cakes for a few

Black or green tea with crackers

Low-fat kefir or yogurt

Buckwheat porridge, slightly salted, add a little oil. Chicken cutlet on pair.

Buckwheat porridge on the water, slightly salted with butter.

Tea with a slice of stale bread and cheese.

Fresh juice with cookies. Fruit

Chicken soup with greens (you can add buckwheat).

Yogurt or low-fat yogurt

Cottage cheese casserole without adding cream.

Soufflé cheese, tea with biscuits or low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream small percentage of fat

Yoghurt, fruit jelly and vegetable puree

Chicken soup with egg and greens

You can also cook a piece of pumpkin

Skim milk with cookies

Baked fish with potatoes and zucchini

  • chicken or lean pieces of chicken with bone,
  • carrots,
  • onion,
  • salt,
  • greens.

Carrots cut into large chunks, you can put it whole and remove when the broth is ready.

In water, add fillets, carrots, peeled onions, a little salt

Bring to boil and cook on low heat for about 1 hour.

Strain the broth and add the greens, fillet grind in a blender and serve as a meat sauce.

  • rice – 1 Cup.
  • water – 2 cups.

Wash rice with water until clear, pour it with boiling water and add salt to taste (for those who already can), the first three minutes to cook on very high heat, reduce heat and 7 minutes to cook under the lid, and then reduced the heat to low and cook another 2 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat, cover with lid and wait 12 minutes.

Cook pumpkin slices in a steamer until tender

Grind the pumpkin with a blender

  • Cottage cheese – 250 g
  • 1 egg
  • Semolina 3st. L.
  • Sugar – 1 tbsp

Mix the cottage cheese, egg, sugar and semolina

Take the form to casseroles and greased with cold butter

Put fruit (if allowed by physician)

Bake in the oven for 20 min. at a temperature 200C

  • Chicken wings
  • 1 zucchini
  • Potato 2 PCs.
  • Carrots
  • Bow
  • Parsley or dill

First, prepare the chicken broth

Dipped in the broth and cook until done

Strain the finished broth, and vegetables folded into a separate bowl and grind in a blender (or mash through a sieve).

Mix the puree with broth and add chopped greens

Boil water. Peel and chop apples, add to water and cook like a compote. Separately diluted in water starch and add to the finished juice, prepared fruit is crushed with a blender to a mushy state and mix well.