How long could vomiting in a child with a viral infection and how to treat it

Rotavirus is an acute enteric infection caused by vozmutilas, often found in children. Diarrhea, fever, nausea, vomiting in rotavirus infections in children cause great anxiety in parents, little dangerous dehydration of the body. It is important to contact your pediatrician and prescribe treatment.

The reason for the development of intestinal flu (the so-called rotavirus infection) is the causative agent of rotavirus. Part of “Rota” is Latin for “wheel”, which looks similar malicious virus. The pathogen quite tenacious, a long time can be on the household articles for use, is not afraid of various acids, esters, disinfectants, are killed when heated.

There are nine types of rotavirus, which is commonly distinguished by the initial letters of the Latin alphabet: A,b, C, etc. Often occurs infection with rotavirus group A, the simultaneous infection with two or three rotavirus groups.

The source of infection of rotavirus diarrhea in children of a person-virus carrier.Often it is adults who have intestinal flu can pass without symptoms. Viruses-pathogens are released into the environment with faeces of high concentration in the feces of the sick is celebrated on the first 3-5 days of illness. Additional ways of getting the virus serve contaminated food (mainly milk), water, household items.

In the intestine the virus destroys the microvilli of the mucosa, there is a gastroenteritis (diarrhea, vomiting), as a consequence – dehydration, impaired electrolyte metabolism.

After an incubation period (from 12 hours to 4 days) symptoms of rotavirus in a young child appear:

  • high (38 0-39 0 C) hard to bring down temperature;
  • sharp pain and rumbling in the abdomen;
  • common (per day up to 18-20 times) watery stools, light gray-yellow, often fetid, sometimes with foam;
  • vomiting (repeated, even on an empty stomach or after drinking more than 50 ml of water), nausea.

The children (especially the age group from one year to five years) at the initial stage of the disease with rotavirus observed a pronounced, acute symptoms. The disease can go on the background of respiratory syndromes (SARS), with redness of the throat, runny nose, cough which may be preceded by rotavirus.

How long is vomiting due to rotavirus infection depends on the forces of immunity of the baby and age. In children from 3 months to 1.5 years, great importance has the type of feeding. Breast milk contains antibodies that support the immune system of the baby. A child from 6 months to 1.5 years, breastfeeding, tolerate the flu lighter than its peers – iskusstvenny.

With a weakened immune system of the child’s disease is severe, characterised by a duration of 7-10 days with all the attendant symptoms and frequent vomiting. With the defeat of the organism rotavirus infection of moderate severity, the vomiting lasts for 3-5 days.

If the immune system of the baby is strong, rotavirus occurs in mild form, vomiting passes in a day, and may occur only 1-2 times.

As they grow older the baby, when infected with rotavirus, symptoms is less acute, while repeated infection acquired immunity (short-lived), and the signs of the disease have erased the character.

Treatment of vomiting during viral infection includes measures aimed at facilitating the child’s condition, avoiding dehydration. If the form of the disease is severe or moderate, and the baby has not reached the age of three, there is an immediate call for medical assistance.

Before the arrival of the specialist task of relatives and parents is to fill the lost fluid.

Infants. For the little ones at home there are several ways to facilitate their condition during vomiting:

  • should not be given large amounts of formula or breast milk for the baby. If the baby is eating, it is better to give food often but in small doses;
  • after feeding must hold the child in upright position;
  • water solution Regidrona need a teaspoon every 10-15 minutes;
  • to stick to a diet of lactating mothers, to exclude gas-forming, fatty foods.

One year and older. No need to panic, at the age of 1-3 years children are sensitive to ambient emotional background. When retching to keep the baby upright. To give a drinking solution Regidrona or any other (allowed mitigation, acidification) in small portions (a teaspoon) regularly every 15-20 minutes. Accepts sorbents (Enterosgel, Smecta) for the elimination of toxins.

The temperature increase at the child is a natural process leading to recovery, rotavirus is destroyed at a temperature of more than 38 0 C. Only if the child is difficult to tolerate the heat, there is danger of seizures, then you should lower the temperature from 37.5 to 0 . It is better to apply special drugs in the form of suppositories containing Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. Pills can provoke repeated vomiting.

After the vomiting subsided, should be some time to refrain from big meals, fried, fatty, not to give dairy products. Assistance, recovery of the gastrointestinal tract have enzymes (Mezim, Festal, etc.), which should take 7-8 days after cessation of symptoms. Full recovery occurs within 10-14 days.

What information is missing in the article?

In the first hours and days of the disease with rotavirus vomiting in a child can reach 10-12 times per day. If retching is not reduced, the duration is longer than a few days, there is high temperature, the baby requires assistance of qualified professionals. Do not hesitate to call the doctor if children have:

  • the abundance of vomit with a slight (1-2 tablespoons) the amount of the ingested food, liquid;
  • vomiting is present in the mucus of brown, yellow shades and specks of blood (not to be confused with eaten food red);
  • complaints of abdominal pain;
  • signs of dehydration (dry tongue, convulsions, decrease or no urination, drowsiness);
  • complete loss of appetite, pale skin, cold extremities.

The specialists in the hospital will help to cure the dehydration caused by severe diarrhea, vomiting, fever. Treatment will be prescribed after the examination, tests. If confirmed the diagnosis of rotavirus infection, the therapy will be confined to receiving funds from exsicosis (dehydration), to restore the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Antibiotics are not prescribed for the rotavirus, work only on bacteria and have no effect on viruses.

In most cases, there is a favorable outcome of rotavirus infection in children, immune system after an illness for some time, is provided by antibodies to rotavirus. Incorrect and delayed treatment can cause complications of intestinal flu:

  1. Dehydration (exsicosis, dehydration) is a dangerous complication in rotavirus associated with a rapid current. The child’s body dries endless vomiting, diarrhea, high temperature vaporizes the moisture from the entire surface of the skin. The consequence of these processes is the imbalance of electrolytes in the body of the baby, leading to malfunction of the heart (up to stop), kidneys, other vital organs. It is important to immediately provide the help in time, begin to fill vodno-salt balance. Self-medication in such cases is dangerous, you want to appeal to professionals.
  2. Dysbacteriosis. During improper treatment, malicious microflora may prevail in the digestive tract of the baby.
  3. The weakening of the immune system. A big role in the strength of the immunity is the state of the digestive system. Rotavirus significantly undermines the immune system. Possible repeated acute respiratory viral infection, relapse of intestinal flu.