What’s better: Vaxigrip or influvak? Which flu vaccine is best?

Are afraid to get sick? Then you should think about how to vaccinate. Through this event employees will retain their health, not sick with flu or been ill, but in the form of light. Immunization is a necessary thing, especially when it comes to our children. So today we will look at what is the flu vaccine “influvak” and “Vaksigripp”. These are common drugs used in Russia and Ukraine. They are able to prevent getting the flu. Below we consider the composition of both vaccines, their dosages. Also determine which of them will be better than the other.

This drug is sold in the form of a slurry, which is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The vaccine “influvak” is sold in syringes, which should be removed after the shot was given. Included with the drug are also present iglal.

The composition of the vaccine the following:

– Hemagglutinin and neuraminidase of virus strains of types A(H3N2) A(H1N1), B.

– Additional elements: sodium phosphate dihydrate, potassium, calcium and magnesium chloride, hydrogen phosphate, water for injections.

– Adults and children from 3 to 14 years – 0.5 ml once.

– Kids from 6 months to 3 years – 0.25 ml once.

Children who are never vaccinated, it is desirable to inject the drug twice with an interval of 4 weeks.

Immunization should be carried out 1 time a year in the fall.

The use of this tool may cause such unwanted reactions:

Of the Central nervous system: often – headache; rare – optic neuritis, convulsions, neuralgia, encephalomyelitis, paresthesia.

– Heart and vessels: rarely – vasculitis (immunopathological inflammation of blood vessels).

From the side of musculoskeletal system: often – arthralgia (joint pain), myalgia (pain in muscles).

– General disorders: often – fatigue, increased body temperature, pain in muscles and joints, malaise, shivering, chills.

– Other manifestations: often heavy sweating; rare – skin manifestations (pruritus, urticaria, nonspecific rash).

– Local reactions: swelling, induration, pain, redness.

This drug also is a suspension for injection under the skin or intramuscularly.

Available vaccine “Vaxigrip” in syringes or ampoules.

The drug is the following:

– Active elements – the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase of such strains of virus as A(H3N2) A(H1N1), B.

– Ancillary components – sodium and potassium chloride and dihydrogen phosphate, hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, water for injections.

This influenza vaccine may be administered:

– Subcutaneously in the upper part of the front of the shoulder.

– Intramuscularly in the deltoid muscle.

– Small children – in the anterolateral area of the thigh.

The dosage of the drug following:

– Adults and children from 3 years – 0.5 ml once.

– Kids from six months to 3 years – 0.25 ml of the drug.

– People who had not been immunized and those who do not have the flu, the vaccine should be administered 2 times with an interval of 4 weeks. That is, one dose should be divided equally.

– Patients with immunodeficiency should also be administered twice 0.25 ml at intervals of 1 month.

This means there are also negative effects. How to understand which vaccine – “Vaksigripp” or “influvak” – better? For this, you can see list of side effects of each drug. So, funds “Vaksigripp” he said

– Often – headache, malaise, sweating, fatigue, pain in muscles and joints, neuralgia.

– Rarely – convulsions, paresthesias, neuritis, encephalomyelitis.

Very rarely, allergic manifestations on the body, vasculitis.

– Local reactions – seal, tenderness, swelling at the site of injection.

The drug “Vaksigripp”, the price of which in different pharmacies varies, on average can be bought for 400 rubles. The same amount you’ll have to pay for 1 dose of this tool. I wonder how much time is the drug “influvak”? The price of this drug is in the range of 520-570 rubles.

Today, both vaccines are considered to be the most common flu for children and adults. Both drugs have the same result. However, parents do not stop to terrorize pharmacists and family doctors, to advise which of the two vaccines – “Vaksigripp” or “influvak” – would be better. The fact that both drugs do not differ from each other. Indications for use, release form and even the composition is similar. But here in this item as side effects, there is a difference. So, the tool “influvak” has a much larger list of possible negative effects, while the drug “Vaksigripp” this list is much shorter. If we consider the cost of these vaccines, here too there is something to cling to. The drug “influvak” costs a bit more than its competitor. So if you choose from these two criteria, then you should make a choice in favor of funds “Vaksigripp”. Price it lower and side effects less. But it’s better to know what people think about these two vaccines, and on the basis of their responses to decide what to choose.

About this tool, Internet users write mostly only positive opinions. So, those patients who were inoculated with this drug, say that the injection is painless because the needle in the syringe is very thin. Also rarely noted that after vaccination, this tool had problems. People, on the contrary, praise drug “influvak” because he is almost never cause unwanted reactions in the body. Women and men choose this vaccine, because it is imported, and that means better flavor than domestic. In addition, the drug improved each year, because there are new strains of influenza, and therefore developed immunity may not work.

There are, however, negative responses of people. The first thing that catches the attention of the parents so is the fact that the “influvak” is implemented in a standard dosage. So for adults and for children syringes are the same. This is very inconvenient because if you make a vaccine to children, the excess amount of the drug need to drain. It turns out that it constitutes a waste. Also there are people who say that after vaccination tool “influvak” they have a strong health deteriorated. To avoid this, do the injection is necessary only when the person is completely healthy. That is, no colds, he shouldn’t be. And if people will listen to doctor and follow all his recommendations regarding vaccination, the drug “influvak” feedback will only receive positive. About the cost of this tool people say that its price is quite adequate, and for many it fits.

This vaccine is a positive feedback of patients. One are injected with this drug absolutely free, others buy it for their own means. However, they both point to the effectiveness of the vaccine: in the year people are not sick with the flu. However, there are exceptions, when a person picks up the virus, but the disease is much easier. Also people note that even though the drug is “Vaksigripp” is not in the best of the existing, however it is available at a cost. And this is an important factor. It is often necessary to vaccinate all family members, and this may seriously hurt the family budget. Why people choose a cheaper means – “Vaksigripp”. Reviews positive also write parents who remain satisfied that the preparation is sold separately for babies, that is in special syringes of 0.25 mg And do not need to pour out the excess liquid, because the dosage turns out to be accurate.

What immunologists and pediatricians say about these vaccines? Which is better: “Vaksigripp” or “influvak”? The doctors in this plan unanimous. They believe in their properties and the effect of these drugs is about the same. They do not emit any of them specifically. And that supposedly means “influvak” is more pure, it is, according to doctors, insignificant sign, which does not affect the production of immunity, as well as on the perception of his body. So if I propose to hold a free vaccination, for example, means “Vaksigripp”, then it is advisable to agree. Because the look in pharmacies drug “influvak” is silly, because the effectiveness of these vaccines will be the same. Well, if you do not have such advantages, then, indeed, it is possible to buy any of these two means. The main thing – to pay attention to the expiration date of the drug, and to comply with all recommendations for the proper storage and transportation.

Now you know which of the two funds – “Vaksigripp” or “influvak” is better. And realized that actually the difference in them. The nuance is that the first tool may be sold in special small dosage (for children). While part of the drug “influvak” what a waste, because the kids need to prick only 0.25 mg and 0.5 mg. syringe is Also another point that the suspension “Vaksigripp” is a bit cheaper. But doctors do not allocate the funds, considering that they are about the same efficiency.