Drugs with stomatitis in children: a review of the most effective

How to cure stomatitis in a child? To choose the appropriate medication to quickly get rid of this disease, it is necessary extremely carefully. The wrong medication can cause a negative immune response and help, and even harm. Everyone, even safe pharmaceuticals has contraindications. It is also important to consider the age of the child. The dosage and the timing of recovery of the baby, the crumbs of two years and students will be very different. It is not necessary to self-medicate, it is better if the medicines will select the doctor. But the main features of the treatment, and the impact of the most popular funds want to know every parent.

Children, especially young, difficult to bear the pain. Therefore, in the first aid kit should always be a children’s pain reliever.

What drugs to quickly relieve the pain:

To give the child from three months to drink in a dosage of up to 10 mg per kg of body weight three times a day. Not only relieves pain but also fever. Prevents the development of inflammation.

For toddlers up to three years more than pills, suitable syrup, or rectal suppositories. For oral administration, the dose count in the ratio of 15 mg per kg of body weight. You can give up to four times a day. It has antipyretic properties, and removes unpleasant sensations.

“Holisal” with stomatitis in children is produced in the form of a gel. They need to anoint the affected area in the mouth three times a day. Not recommended for babies up to 9 months. This analgesic is also not bad fights with bad bacteria.

“Kamistad” a combination of lidocaine and extracts of chamomile pharmacy. Helium structure makes it easy to apply it to the affected area. “Kamistad” will not only numb, but also reduce inflammation.

“Kalgel” with stomatitis also applied to the affected areas. You can do this up to six times a day. Has antimicrobial and analgesic effect.

At a very high temperature, the baby should not rely on fever, call an Ambulance.

The pharmaceuticals with anti-inflammatory properties can treat the affected areas or use them for the rehabilitation of the entire mouth. This will help to suppress the reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms and to cleanse the mucosa. Such tools can be found in the form of a gel, spray, composition to rinse.

As anti-inflammatory drugs is often recommended gel “Metrogyl Denta”. It is applied on affected areas three times a day.

Modern pharmacy is widely presented anti-inflammatory and antiseptic sprays. They are very convenient to water the surface of the mucosa, especially if the inflammation is located in hard to reach areas. Doing this usually three times a day.

What medicines are well accepted by children:

  1. “Ingalipt” with stomatitis not only reduces inflammation but also suppress pain.
  2. Chlorophyllipt quickly heals ulceration.
  3. “Tantum Verde” with stomatitis pain medication, destroys pathogenic germs and fungal colonies.
  4. “Miramistin” with stomatitis in children is convenient to use as a spray, but you can purchase the solution and to treat the inflamed locations.

“Lugol” with stomatitis also used as a spray and lubrication for ulcers. For this purpose, the wound and the inflamed areas are treated with cotton wool soaked in the composition, three times a day.

Opolaskivanie mouth with special solutions great help at this disease, obezzarajivatei mouth and stopping the inflammatory process. The procedure is performed up to four times a day. But crumbs to a year, it will not work – the baby can choke.

What drugs suggest older kiddies:

  1. “Chlorhexidine” with stomatitis in children permitted from seven months of age. But not for rinse – water solution (1:1) lubricate the inflamed area. Kids under 6 years old, already knows how to rinse the mouth, you can do it similar to solutions, students dilute a remedy for stomatitis is not necessary.
  2. “Furatsilin” with stomatitis is used in the form of an aqueous solution (0.5 tablets per 250 ml of water). Sometimes the pharmaceuticals sold in the form of a ready solution. Kids can treat the affected areas.
  3. Herbal medicine “Stomatofit” mouthwash, pre-diluted with 10 ml of medication in 60 ml of water.

For the rinsing and treatment of the sores, you can use non-toxic and inexpensive “Efficient”. The solution rinse is prepared so that one part of medicine accounted for 10 parts water.

Such tools are usually used when the acute effects subside. They help the body crumbs to recover faster. Such pharmaceuticals are produced most often in the form of ointments, gels, and balms.

“I have” is the most appropriate immunomodulator at this illness. “I have” help from the stomatitis in children of almost any shape. It not only stimulates the protective system, but also stops the spread of infection and reduces inflammation. Release “I have” in the form of tablets for sucking. “I have” you can give a child since three years. The children give the “I have” 1 tablet three times a day.

As vitaminizing means doctors recommend oily solution of “Aekol”. Apply it as a compress once or twice a day.

A good balm for the regeneration of the mucous membranes is “Vinilin”. Healing of treated ulcers is very fast. Used for these purposes locally also paste “solcoseryl” when the time came. Possesses remarkable healing properties of sea buckthorn oil in stomatitis in children. Sea buckthorn contains not only substances that contribute to regeneration, but a palette is useful for mucous membrane of vitamins.

All of these tools can be applied three times a day only after thorough rinsing of the mouth.

The right to choose farmcrest, focusing on the infectious agent. After all, drugs against pathogenic bacteria or fungi will be powerless if the causative agent of the disease is a virus.

The mild form of the disease will be sufficient bactericidal drugs such as “But” and “Taste”.

Produced “Hexoral” in two forms, spray and pill. The latter is allowed only to children older than 4 years. They take 4 in a day. Spray “Geksoral” irrigate the oral cavity after eating. Thanks to the active ingredient hexetidine pathogenic microbes can breed, and the inflammation gradually disappears. “Hexetidine” will “work” half the day after application. Then it should be applied again. “Hexetidine” also has hemostatic and enveloping quality.

Similar properties and has “Drops”, as the active component of this medication also hexetidine.

Strong antibiotics with stomatitis in children is used in difficult cases. Treatment of a stomatitis by antibiotics is possible only under medical supervision.

Causes of this form of disease can be related disease. And they need to be treated. Emerging mouth sores require separate treatment. Often use burnt alum. They dried and heal ulcers, stop bleeding, prevent the penetration of bacteria. In addition, alum protect from itching.

Burnt alum in powder form is applied directly on aphthae. You need to be very careful not to spill the medium over the entire oral cavity – highly active alum. It is not recommended to apply burnt alum for very young children.

Fungi Candida does not like alkaline environment. Create it in your mouth helps the club soda. Soda with stomatitis is used for rinsing (a pinch per 100 ml of water).

In severe cases, shows the use of antifungal pharmaceuticals:

  • “Candide” from fungal stomatitis of children;
  • Fluconazole in this form of disease;
  • “Nystatin” with stomatitis in children.

The solutions were applied to inflamed places. The last two medication you need to prepare: dissolve in water. “Nystatin” is sold in pharmacies in the form of creams and pills and fluconazole is in tablet form. To treat the baby only under supervision of a doctor.

The herpes virus often acts as the causative agent of this disease. To cure the baby use antiviral farmcrest. For example, is used oxolinic ointment for stomatitis of children. They are also recommended for rectal suppositories or ointment “interferon” antiviral and immunostimulating effects.

“Acyclovir” with stomatitis in children is prescribed for oral administration in complex cases. Ointment for stomatitis is not used because it can damage and so inflamed mucous crumbs.

To get rid of disease of this type, first you need to identify what has triggered the body, and eliminate the irritant. You may need antihistamines.

The best remedy in this case – drops “Parlazin”. They are allowed from the age of three. For kids, you will need three drops, 2 times a day.

Also allergic to help cope “Suprastin”. The smallest give a quarter tablet dissolved in water, twice a day. One and a half years the dose can be increased twice.

Homemade recipes handed down from generation to generation, also can treat stomatitis in a child. But you must use them carefully and only after talking with the doctor. It is not recommended to smear the stomatitis mouth, the baby has a blue. Irritation can also cause and green with stomatitis.

Doctors also suggest with caution “Fukortsin” with stomatitis in children. Its components are too active for the delicate oral mucosa. The same is true of sodium tetraborate with stomatitis in children. Sodium tetraborate or a mixture of borax with glycerin relieves inflammation and is particularly rapidly treats fungal form of the disease. But that stuff is toxic, and is approved for use only with adolescence.

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Remember that the correct diagnosis can only physician, do not self-medicate without the consultation and diagnosis by a qualified doctor. Be healthy!