The manifestation of the fear of the storm and the struggle with fear

Fear of thunderstorms is common not only among children but also among adults. That’s not the feeling of fear, fuelled by the instinct of self-preservation and forced to stay home, not to open the window and not hide under the tall tree. Intense fear of thunderstorms is called brontophobia and refers to mental disorders.

Fear of thunderstorms is familiar to both children and adults

The emergence of such mental disorders as fear of thunderstorms, affected by several factors.

  1. Sensibility.
  2. Phonophobia – fear of loud sounds.
  3. Fear ball lightning – a rare phenomenon, but rapid human imagination begins to paint a picture of fatalities.
  4. Myths about punishment of the gods:the storm to punish the sinners.
  5. Statistics on deaths during the storm. Impressionable nature I like to study the news reports, telling about deaths from lightning.
  6. Viewing of films on natural disasters. A movie about the raging storm, based on real events, can intimidate an impressionable person.
  7. The change in behavior of Pets. Animals before a storm, during a thunder start to panic and look for shelter.

Fear of thunder, flashing lightning and heavy rains causes people to behave strangely before a storm and during it. phobia”>Brontophobia tend to equip their houses bunkers that protect against natural disasters.

Over time, brontophobia can begin the fear of sockets. The person believes that this item is not that other, as a great means of contact with lightning, which can kill him. This is a misconception. Lightning can only damage power lines or damage equipment.

A panic attack is normal for people with different phobias. When thunder brontophobia can begin to frantically search for a place to shelter, at home, trying to hide her face with her blanket or hide under the bed. You experience shortness of breath, heavy sweating or decrease in body temperature, stomach cramps, tremor of the limbs. Seeing on the news the weather preceding the storm, phobia”>brontophobia actively begin to make plans about where they might hide, try to put aside all their Affairs.

Symptoms of panic attack

With this fear we must fight to not become each time a hostage situation. Strong fear of natural disasters complicates life, stopping to build relationships and a career, and for children can cause loss of voice, stuttering, or more serious mental health problems.

The least impact on psychological factors, which he prepared in advance. These measures will help to negate the symptoms >brontophobia and prepare mentally for the upcoming storm. To gain confidence will help avoid potentially dangerous places during a thunderstorm:

  • tall trees;
  • fully open area;
  • reservoirs;
  • the area near the power lines.

During the storm, it is undesirable to use a mobile phone. While at home, turn off all electrical appliances.

In severe cases, the phobia thunderstorms are assigned tranquilizers or antidepressants. Treatment may include work with a psychologist. It is very important to understand the underlying problems and to learn to disengage, to calm your mind through meditation.

Realizing that the approaching panic attack, you need to relax, choosing a comfortable position. The next step will be the alignment of the breath and focusing on it. Try to banish from all thoughts and fully relax the muscles of the body.

Another method to deceive the conscious mind is the analogy between the storm and the disco lights, garlands. Include the house special lamp, listen to music and relax.

Fear watch the storm called brontophobia. It’s quite a serious disorder of the psyche, which may appear at any age, regardless of gender. Treatment is carried out by applying psychological techniques.